10 Ways to Increase Sales on Instagram

Lastly, announce on your other channels that you are on Instagram and include a link to your profile encouraging users to follow your account. The location pin and the delivery van help to illustrate the point immediately before reading. If a customer is scanning their profile, they’ll take away the key info much more easily. They’ve also promoted a hashtag for customers to use if they want to share pictures with the business. Maintaining consistency throughout your Instagram account is key for first impressions. New visitors will likely look at your profile image, scan through the first group of posts, and click into any that catches their eye.

If you’re more in need of brand awareness, launching an entire campaign may turn out to be a waste of time and money. Level up your App Store Optimization and User Acquisition with our expert consultations. Increase your app downloads and revenue with a smart growth strategy. Get support and feedback for your app growth from leading app marketing experts. With so many people using the app today, there’s no other place better to extend your reach.

They’re also integrating Instagram into their social media marketing campaigns to achieve their business and marketing goals. These ecommerce features make it easy for brands to showcase their products and provide followers with relevant product information. For Instagrammers, this also means an opportunity to learn more about interesting options without leaving the app. Simply put, Instagram is one of the best ecommerce marketing channels that can help brands get more ecommerce sales. Instagram is a visual platform, so it’s perfect for ecommerce brands to be a storefront with a variety of products. Most people are visual learners, so it’s no wonder that 83% of users scroll the feed to discover new products.

Advanced ‘power users’ will also love the fact that you can tap into Facebook’s same audience targeting. You can kick this up a notch by running a single, dedicated Instagram campaign . To enter, people have to follow and/or access the link on Instagram. Then you can push out messaging across all of the channels we’ve discussed here so far, driving people back to Instagram to enter.

This could have major implications for brands that, in the past, have relied on “Like or Comment!. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. ” contests, as Instagram may deem those to be baiting engagement. A few years ago, Instagram began moving away from chronologically-ordered feeds to feeds constructed using algorithmic machine learning.

They’ve been working with ‘Angel’ supermodels for years as brand spokespeople. Working with influencers doesn’t have to be a difficult, mysterious process either. For example, if they’re big enough , they’ll typically make it easy to get in touch. “Influencer marketing content delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing,” according to another Nielsen study. While the above filters are good starting points for experimentation, your audience might have a different favorite filter. You need to dig into your own account’s performance, using a tool like Iconosquare.

Unlike Instagram Stories, they don’t disappear after 24 hours. Hashtags can be great for putting your brand in front of potentially millions of people. However, it’s important to not use too many hashtags in your posts. Learning how to sell on Instagram offers businesses of all sizes incredible opportunities to reach their target audiences and drive sales. Instagram ensures your ads get noticed and brings you the most engaged audience. Use the right hashtags though, and make sure your brand fits in with the climate of other posts using that hashtag.

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