23 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid posting any unedited posts in a prominent position on your grid, and try to achieve some consistency and you should be good to go. However, if your content is more varied it may not be easy to keep your grid looking amazing all the time. If you’re keen to learn more about running Instagram giveaways, check out our full guide here or our article on IG giveaway ideas. Once you’ve chosen a price, and created the content for your giveaway, be sure to share it far and wide to get as much attention as possible.

You can easily open my Evernote and copy my standard brand-, product-, and location-specific hashtags to post with each photo. Some Instagram scheduling tools also let you save caption templates for storing your hashtag groups. To find relevant hashtags, you’ll want to use a free online tool like IconoSquare or Webstagram to start. Read more about https://www.latestphonezone.com/how-to-gain-more-followers-on-instagram-and-make-them-stay-3-main-hacks-you-should-use/ here. Popular tags like the ones listed above will likely net you additional engagement and likes. However, they won’t lead to increased long-term engagement, new interested followers, or, most importantly, sales. Nadya Okamoto, founder of lifestyle period brand August, has found that TikTok naturally cross-pollinates to Instagram and YouTube.

We’ve been hearing this issue a lot lately where the block is not lifting on the date given. From what others are saying, it sounds like when this happens the block eventually lifts a day or two after the date provided. Let us know if it still hasn’t lifted after two days past the provided date. Before that all what I got in terms of blocks was from time 2 time 2 h for following and 2 days for unfollowing to fast. BUT, we did this, and our days-long action block ended early. I felt that we were still under the watchful gaze of Instagram at times, however, because some days our hashtag game seemed horribly off.

Elisabeth Osmeloski, VP of Audience Development for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, has written about properly using Open Graph tags on Facebook. By optimizing these tags, you can control how your content looks in social feeds when users like or share your content. This can mean the difference between ten and tens of thousands of shares. I have been wondering how to grow my instagram account and your points and tips are so helpful.

Zoom offers far more robust business features than Skype and is the hands-down winner in the Zoom vs. Skype showdown. With Zoom, you can hold meetings with up to 1,000 people, while Skype limits you to 100 participants. There are many free app makers, like appy pie, on the market today, but Alpha Anywhere Community Edition is different. You get the full capabilities of a trusted app development platform to build apps for both mobile platforms.

In your name, not username, add an emoji or two because it visually grabs someone’s attention. I changed that to “TheDrunkenTraveler” which I saw more success with. It is more niche, descriptive, and attention-grabbing. Eventually that name evolved further to “ThePartyingTraveler” to widen my niche . I felt the name encompasses having all sorts of fun, not just drinking excessively. That better described who I am, while further carving its own niche in the oversaturated world of travel blogs.

This will make your reel appear in the feeds of your followers as well as the Reels explore section. It can gain you the required interaction and engagement after posting a reel. If you keep that option off, your followers will not be able to see your reel while scrolling their feeds. Your reel will only appear in the ‘Reels’ explore tab, where the certainty of getting likes is less. If you were already using TikTok for creating videos, consider posting them as reels on Instagram too.

Once they share your post, their friends would see your profile mentioned, and they could easily click on the tag and browse your feed. Who knows, they might even like you enough to follow you. Some people, in an attempt to make their account more visible, add almost every hashtag they could think of even if they’re not even relevant to the brand or their post. We’re here to tell you that this strategy is not going to work. If anything, it’s only going to make you look desperate or even spammy. You can try to arrange some sort of an agreement, but most of the time, you will have to pay for shoutouts.

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