5 Ingenious Things to Incorporate into Preschool Learning

Early education is and should be impactful in a child’s life. What a child learns early on in life helps develop his further learning patterns, such as creative levels or numeracy skills. So, the preschools in Mascot a child’s life is primal.

Core learning, which includes reading, writing, and listening, is already a part of it. We are not talking about that. Preschools can be something more!

You might wonder what else could be so impactful to include in preschools in Mascot.

Here, we have created a list of the top 5 things to integrate into preschools.

1. Technology

We have given it the first place on our list because the world is evolving into a tech-driven one. Technology is now a part of our everyday lives. It regulates our lives from work and travel to education and other utility areas. So, it’s essential to encourage digital literacy in kids.

We should remember that whatever career a kid may choose in the future, technology is going to be a part of it.

Here are a few ways of including technology in Mascot preschools:

  • Give kids the chance to experiment and feel at ease using the keyboard and mouse.
  • Always remember to recognise and appreciate their achievements with digital technologies.
  • You may also use assistive technology in early childhood education settings.
  • You can capture children’s stories about their drawings on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Have the kids experiment with digital storytelling. Consider the use of technology to co-create digital books with them.

2. Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is when kids receive hands-on experience. As opposed to accelerated learning, most people prefer experiential learning, which also sits well with kids. There’s nothing wrong with structured learning. In fact, it is also required to some extent. However, kids will be better equipped with a blend of both.

Experiential learning is collaborative. It allows students to devise their unique techniques rather than follow a predetermined formula to arrive at an answer. They will be more inclined to think creatively.

Also, experiential learning shows how maths, physics, and other subjects are used in real-world situations.

Children are curious by nature. Nurturing this quality means a better understanding of the world around them as well as improved academic performance in the future.

3. Creative Activities

Expression is a vital aspect of every child’s development. Through creative expression, kids develop confidence, voice their interests, discover who they are, enhance their language skills, and better articulate their feelings.

Take imaginative play, for example; it induces strong imagination, confidence, and the ability to express ideas and feelings. These are some essential skills kids need to develop in the early stages of their life.

These creative activities blur the lines between learning and play, and kids will be able to learn much faster. When children understand that learning can be fun, they will be more open to new experiences and ways of learning.

More examples would be:

  • Crafting stories
  • Imaginative play
  • Sculpting
  • Imagine-build-play concepts
  • Sketching

4. Health and Wellness

Another aspect worth including in preschool learning is health and wellness. Promoting health and well-being practices at a young age helps to ensure lifelong healthiness.

It’s crucial to foster the development of children’s gross motor abilities and responsibility for health and cleanliness. Children are old enough to be responsible for certain elements of their personal hygiene, such as sanitising their hands, applying sunscreen, and wiping their noses, from an early age.

Some examples here would be:

  • Food Nutrition
  • Where does the food come from?
  • Physical activities such as climbing and jumping are good for promoting health.
  • Folding clothes (teaches kids independence)

5. Social Skills

Meaningful relationships are essential to foster a strong feeling of individuality and independence in children.

Preschools of Mascot that work to foster these bonds become better learning environments for kids. Interactions between children and their teachers, friends, families, and the environment can help them develop these social skills.

Cooperative play is an excellent method for building friendships, which can influence a child’s life in more than one way.

Some examples are:

  • Active participation in the local community
  • Celebrating culture and diversity
  • Life cycle observation
  • Teaching the importance of recycling, reusing, and reducing. 


We hope this article answers how Preschools in Mascot step up their teaching methods. There’s a difference between childcare and preschools when it comes to learning.

Learning includes not only academic activities but also living skills. Through these several areas, kids develop their social skills, assertiveness, leadership abilities, and ability to resolve group disputes.

One significant advantage of this style of learning is its versatility. Not every kid is academically gifted; some are creatively gifted. Embracing this multifaceted learning style helps kids indulge in their areas of interest. And this is a great thing for a kid’s development.

Choosing a preschool or childcare centre in Mascot with such versatile teaching is a big green flag for parents.

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