5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Brand Promotion

There’s only one spot where you can add a clickable external link⁠—the URL section in your Instagram profile bio. You can use Instagram’s stories question stickers or Instagram live to collect your audience’s feedback and questions and even send replies to them while having a chat. Once you select the promotion option, the rest is pretty easy — choose your objective, audience, and budget/scheduling options. The information you get from using this function is very important for building targeted audiences and remarketing to previous visitors. Once you’ve fully set up your ad, don’t forget to track it and monitor its performance.

On the flip side, though, Stories can also be strategic and use pre-created graphics that promote your products, services or even free offers. Here are two different examples, one from Shunta Grant, and the other from The Emma Rose Agency. Instead of linking your Instagram posts on Twitter, you can link posts from customers and influencers to show that people love your products. Since Facebook users appreciate your new and creative cover photos, showing them one of your Instagram posts will incentivize them to click on your Instagram account.

There is a great opportunity for brands to get involved here! Think about your target audience and the things that they engage with. Then make a Story Template in your company branding for them to complete and share. Fill it in yourself too, as it’s a great way to give your followers some more information about your business or company culture. From the desktop version of Instagram, you can get an embed code to add specific images and videos to your company’s website. This shows visitors that you’re active on Instagram and can help you gain more followers.

Following a caption with a question is one of the easiest ways to create engagement on Instagram. Both apps also feature preset options; just save a certain style of edit and create a one-click apply edit that you can use on all photos. All of HubSpot’s Instagram posts look very clean, but together the layout of posts creates a cohesive, eye-catching look. Many of their posts are videos and boomerangs, but their cover images for them are still very clean and colorful. Your company should consider wetting your feet in at least three of these four content types on Instagram. By experimenting with how you share information, you are increasing your engagement opportunities with potential prospects and leads.

However, this is only available to brands and creators that have not previously promoted posts. So think about who or what you can reference on your account. If you’re a nature photographer, you might try tagging local parks; if you’re an architectural photographer, you might try tagging the owners of local buildings/businesses. The specifics will depend on the photography you do, but as long as you’re creative and you persevere, you’re bound to make some valuable connections. The rapid growth in popularity of manual promotion contributes to the creation of new and new programs.

Read more about buy real instagram followers here. If you’re streaming an Instagram Live event, take advantage of free publicity by uploading a promo to your Instagram Story. It’s a great way to keep your followers in the loop and drive views on your Instagram Live stream. You can also post follow-up questions after the stream asking your followers what they’d like to see for the next one. Engage your viewers with a multiple-choice answer like the example below.

For an online visitor to form an impression of your account. The key to a visually appealing Instagram feed is a consistent aesthetic or color theme. Growing an organic audience is never an easy task, but there are certain techniques you could use to make it easier, like hosting Q&A sessions.

I’m talking about Instagram’s social media management and content curation tools – primarily Iconosquare, INK361, Schedugram, and Olapic. Every time you feature the content of a prospective customer or existing Follower, you develop your brand’s community. People love that you’re featuring the content of real people. All photos which are tagged with your contest hashtag are automatically populated into your contest page (this only works with a third-party contest builder, by the way). People who have submitted a photo then encourage their friends and social network to vote on their submission, and whoever gets the most votes wins the prize.

Reels can teach and make them realize the necessity of your product. After all, if your audience does not know such products exist, they would not think of purchasing them. This will work in your favor as your brand is the easiest and fastest option. The right marketing strategy can cause a spike in your sales. If you are spending money on an influencer, you want positive results, right? Their audience should directly reflect the audience you are intending to target and promote to.

That’s why today, you should ask for feedback and reactions, create various games, special tasks, or ask questions. It’s a combination of shades, angles, presentation, style, and the main idea of ​​the account. High-quality representation implies that the profile will be eye-candy.

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