Interested in Computer Science? Here Are 6 Online Courses to Get Started 

The demand for Computer Science will be extremely high in 2022. Market tipsters forecast an impressive 22% spike in job opportunities from 2022 to 2030. 

Keeping these numbers in mind, if you are interested in the field of Computer Science, there are lots of scopes to build a prosperous, stable and high-paying career. 

Plenty of online courses are available for Computer Science students to get started. 

This post will highlight 6 Computer Science online courses to enrol in 2022.

Let’s begin!

Learning CS50: An Introduction to Computer Science Concepts

The first online course for Computer Science students to get started is Introduction to CS50. This prep course is available to students on edX in collaboration with Harvard University. 

The course presents a proper introduction to Computer Science and programming. It focuses on binary (the fundamental computer language) and properly explains how 0s and 1s can be used to represent sounds, texts, videos and images.

Students will also learn about the common types of algorithms – sorting and searching, like merge sort, bubble sort, and binary search.

Furthermore, students will learn the perks and cons of each data structure. The focus will then shift to working with Python, C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python framework known as Flask. 

This course will require proper commitment to understanding its concepts- especially if you are a novice. For this reason, you can take help from Computer Science Assignment Helpexperts in USA to do it for you. 

101 on Computational Thinking for Problem Solving

The second course that Computer Science students can opt for is Basics of Computational thinking for problem-solving.

Much to your delight, you won’t have to look extensively for this course as it is presented on Coursera in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania.

The concept of computational thinking entails the practice of dividing problems into parts and then coming up with rational resolutions to be performed by the computer to eradicate existing problems.

The course is crafted for beginners with no or very little background knowledge of programming or computer science. However, you will need to possess proper mathematical skills to be eligible.

This 101 course will focus on 4 major topics. 

They include:

  • Computational thinking (four pillars of computational thinking)
  • Computer architecture (Von Neumann Architecture)
  • Algorithms (linear, binary, Big O, representing flow charts with algorithms and how to analyze algorithm complexity)
  • And Python (iterations, debugging, classes and implementing algorithms into code)

The course duration is 4 weeks, and you will get ample video lessons, short quizzes and more coursework materials for your learning. 

Also, by the end of each week, you will get case study examples of the real-time application of computational thinking to solve problems. 

Knowing How Computer Functions (A Foundational Understanding of Hardware)

This concise course on ‘How Computer Functions’ is available for you to enrol in Coursera. And its coverage is in collaboration with the University of London. 

Enrolling in this course will give you a foundational understanding of hardware and how computers generally work.

The course is the perfect launching pad for those interested in CS and wants an in-depth understanding of its key concepts. 

You will learn:

  • Abstraction (featuring the art of enticing attention to crucial facts while filtering out the noise)
  • Modularity (ways modularity helps computers interact with other vivid applications)
  • Communication & Computer networks (covering ways computer communicates with another computer via the internet using different networks and communication procedures)

In addition to this coverage, you will also learn about basic web development using modularity, abstraction, and state; to grasp how websites function. You will even learn about various types of security threats computers face and tips to safeguard against such malicious occurrences. 

The course duration is 4 weeks, and course takers will get ample study references in the form of video lectures, quizzes and learning materials. 

CS Bootcamp (101): An Introduction to CS & Software

Next on our list of quality online courses for Computer Science students is this beginner’s coverage on CS Bootcamp – an intro to Computer Science & Software.

The course is exclusively available on UDEMY as online video lectures lasting 2.5 hours. Those with little or no knowledge of Computer Science will learn about the basics of computer hardware, programming and coding.

Moreover, this prep course is also perfect for those working part-time and seeking a respectable career in the vast field of Computer Science.

The best part is you will get life-time access to all its study materials. And on completion, you will even get a certificate from UDEMY.

This well-compiled course will focus on the following aspects.

  • Explaining how hardware and software function
  • Know-how to create webpages using JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Working with Python and Java concepts
  • Know-how on various website servers and their functions
  • Proper understanding and know-how to create compelling mobile applications
  • Ability to properly analyze key components of Cloud Computing (such as PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS)
  • An intro to different databases
  • Sound knowledge of Data analysis

Mathematical Thinking In Computer Science – A comprehensive understanding

This prep course on Mathematical Thinking in Computer Science is offered by Coursera and is adopted from the University of California and higher school of Economics. 

Of course, course takers might find the approach a tad unconventional as it requires them to perform experiments independently before providing explanations.

This approach is effective as it sparks curiosity among aspirants and creates an enormous appetite for self-learning and improvement. Moreover, students will find the course available to them in many languages, and all it requires is basic knowledge of mathematics and programming.

Students with previous knowledge of Python and programming will face no difficulty after enrolling in this prep course.

Its course coverage entails the following

  • Induction and recursion
  • Rudiments of an argument and tips to craft an effective one 
  • About its requirements, examples and ways to find them 
  • Working around mathematical logic
  • Properly analyzing various processes using invariants
  • Using different puzzles to help grasp and sharpen mathematical concepts

The duration of this course is 6 weeks, and students will learn everything they need to augment their mathematical thinking in the field of Computer Science. 

Computer Science Theoretical: An Introduction

This course is tailor-made for students who love working with algorithms and programming. 

As the name suggests, it presents learners with a theoretical introduction to Computer Science. It offers them the proper knowledge to determine what makes a problem difficult to resolve- even for computers. Plus, it instructs them on ways to lessen and simplify such daunting issues and solve them adequately via computing.

In addition, the course teaches you about computability and complexity theory and even introduces you to numerous real-world issues from the following fields.

  • Finance
  • Bioinformatics 
  • Telecommunication

Learners will also gain familiarity with NP-completeness.

But that’s not all.

To tackle and overcome various obstacles, students will learn to use probability and randomness to devise a solution effectively. 

You will also gain insights on those issues that even a computer can’t solve in theory and familiarity with undecidability and computability limits. 

The course duration is 8 weeks and comprises 14 hours of interactive video lessons with lifelong accessibility. 

Computer Science Theoretical: An Introduction is presented by Udacity. 

To Surmise 

Using these quality online courses, you can quickly and effectively enhance your knowledge and skills to make a successful career in the field of Computer Science.

Do keep in mind that the best e-learning courses present free trials. So take advantage of them before enrolling.

And while you prepare for these courses, if you can’t find time to work on your term assignment papers – seek help from computer science assignment help experts.

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