7 powers of toll free numbers

A customer can connect with a business through the business toll free number. It ensures each connection between the agents and the customers. It promises instant query resolution, promoting upcoming events or promotions, registering an appointment etc. The cost of calling the toll free number is taken care of by the business itself. Thus, customers can contact the business with the toll free number without paying anything.

Historically, online toll free number services can be traced back to the 1950s. It was first introduced in the 50s in the Western Hemisphere to reduce long-distance call costs. It was also known as the “800 number” as “800” was the first prefix used for toll free numbers. In the present times, there is a country based as well as international toll free number codes. The most common is the 1800 toll free number in India.

7 powers of toll free numbers can be discussed based on the features of online toll free number services:

  1. Increase lead generation: Online toll free number service supports easily increase lead generations. It drives greater call rates that result in a significant increase in call rate. A call cost is taken care of by the business, customers can easily access communication. With more customer engagement, lead generation volume keeps increasing.

For example, Toll free number used by the entertainment industry can use to draw more viewers. Many television reality show launches voting through toll free numbers to select contestants for competition rounds. People are encouraged to vote which increases the TRP of the show. Voting for the favorite contestant becomes easy as it is free and can be done just by a call. This pulls more viewers and voting participants to the show.

  • Easy to recall: 1800 toll free number India is easy to recall. It makes customer engagement effortless. It makes multiple touch point campaigns easy. It can also be easily used for registering cases through the women’s helpline number, child helpline number, etc. Recording and locating such cases becomes easier. It also helps in immediate intervention.
  • Scope for market expansion: Toll free numbers are zero-cost connections for the customers. It makes reaching out to the business easy. Without any investment, they can get instant query resolution, get information, book appointments, etc. As toll free numbers are national, international, and universal; a business can easily expand its market reach.
  • One investment- multiple profits: A business can use international, universal, or national toll free numbers. It gives the business option to expand their business by investing in only one solution. A business can be located at any one place while extending its reach further to any part of the globe. The toll-free number gives the business the power to establish itself as a brand with a newer market reach.
  • Effortless market campaigning: Toll-free number gives a business the power to seamlessly track multiple marketing campaigns. A business can instantly collect customer feedback and surveys through toll free numbers. A large volume of feedback can be collected in a short time. A business does not need to invest in another source to conduct successful campaigns and collect feedback.
  • Call recording and call routing: Online toll free number service instantly records all calls. Recording of calls helps in understanding and analyzing customer needs and behavior better. It helps a business to work on more efficient service delivery. The real-time insights also help a business to use the recordings as tools for market campaigns. Agents can also be trained based on the analysis of the recordings. It helps a business to remove all barriers to customer service delivery.

Toll free number instantly routes calls to the available agents as per the needs of the business. This power of toll free numbers helps in boosting customer service. The customer concerns are taken care of without any wait time.

  • 24×7 services: Toll free numbers offer 24×7 services which help a business to be present for their customers without any break. Customers can connect with the business from any part of the globe without time difference being a barrier.

Knowlarity is a popular 1800 toll free number India providers. It offers the best cloud communication solutions that enhance the power of toll free numbers. Businesses of any size can use its service. It is trusted by more than 60 countries around the world.

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