9 Destinations in China for a True Eastern Odyssey

For ages, there has been a great deal of mystery, intrigue, and curiosity around the sites to visit in China. Since the Middle Ages, numerous explorers who traveled into the unknown to pursue a mythical kingdom in the East have found inspiration and adoration in China.

Even though we may have investigated and mapped out that enchanted region in the twenty-first century, the mystery surrounding China’s tourist destinations hasn’t dimmed. Book Your Trip Now to china at very reasonable prices.

1. Army of Terracotta

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see an 8000-person army frozen in place for the previous two thousand years? Yes! Also, an army of warriors, generals, and horses was carved to memorialize the dead troops and immortalize their sacrifices for Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor. In 1974, Chinese farmers unearthed this buried tomb.

2. Greater China Wall

The Great Wall of China is one of the world’s Seven Wonders for a good cause. The Great Wall of China is visible from space also. A 6000-kilometer-long wall built 2000 years ago is an impressive architectural feat. However, The Great Wall of China is a refuge for history and architecture lovers who can appreciate how skillfully it was built and rebuilt.

3. Inaccessible City

You will likely notice the imposing presence of an old palace complex as soon as you land in Beijing, the capital of China. One of the most spectacular purposes in China is the Forbidden City, located in the center of Beijing. The 180-acre complex, which now houses some of the best artifacts and collections concerning Chinese history, is open to visitors. The Forbidden City is, therefore, the most renowned tourist destination in China for yearly tourists.

4. Lake West, Hangzhou

Travelers will find a stunning lake in Hangzhou, China, surrounded by mountains, gardens, pagodas, temples, and lakes. Locals have adored the location for so long that it has earned the moniker “heaven on Earth.” What West Lake accomplishes is to draw attention to the allure, enigma, and unspoiled beauty of Southern China’s hinterland region. West Lake, also one of China’s most picturesque tourist destinations, is linked to mythology, claiming it to be the lone gem that has fallen to Earth.

5. Tibet’s Lhasa

As soon as you land in Lhasa, you’ll be met with beautiful panoramas and cries of admiration for the city. Lhasa, a pure wonderland that will change your perception of spiritual enchantment, has been the hub of Tibetan Buddhism for more than 1000 ages and above.

China’s tourism destinations are a vast experience with a culture and legacy dating back to civilization’s dawn. Destinations shrouded in mystery transport visitors back in time to give them a peek at the oldest and most revered artifacts known to humanity.

6. Park National Forest of Zhangjiajie

Avatar’s floating mountains have enchanted moviegoers. The pillar-like rocky cliff formations seen in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park served as an inspiration for those mountains.

It is one of the rare tourist destinations in China that not only confounds visitors but also makes it difficult for geologists to determine the cause of the unique pillar-like mountains.

7. The Heavenly Temple

The Temple of Heaven is a 600-year-old temple in Beijing and one of China’s most revered religious sites. UNESCO recently recognized a site where ancient rulers prayed for a plentiful crop. This Taoist temple is, however, a local favorite and offers excellent photo opportunities.

 8. Pagodas

The Three Pagodas are one of China’s best-preserved Buddhist buildings near Dali. However, natural and anthropogenic disasters have befallen them. King Quan Fengyou erected the Middle Pagoda in 824-840 AD. Two other pagodas followed.

9. Mountains of Wudang

The Wudang Mountains in Hubei are beautiful. Taoists love the Wudang Mountains. Also, Nanyan Temple is among Wudangshan’s 36 temples. However, The cliff-stone temple is the most beautiful.

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