Anahuac Transport- An Overview of Ground Shipping and Its Three Main Types 

Ground shipping refers to the process of transportation where goods are delivered by truck to the residential or commercial address of the customer. It is recommended for goods that are too heavy or large for the other modes of shipment like railways or air transportation. 

Anahuac Transport- offering safe and secure delivery of bulk liquid chemicals in the USA

Anahuac Transport is a leading name in the truck transportation industry in America. Located in Texas, this credible company has a team of trained TWIC-certified drivers who undertake the responsibility of carrying liquid chemicals in bulk to any part of the USA safely. 

According to the specialists here, there are different methods via which ground shipping of goods can do safely. These main types of plans include the delivery of goods by a private carrier, a common carrier, or a contract carrier. 

History of trucking in America 

The trucking transportation sector has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century in America. Trucking became popular during this time due to the expansion of the road network throughout the nation. The new development of road networks helped businesses that were located in rural regions to carry goods to areas that were in the past inaccessible to them. J.B Thomas established the first trucking company in America in 1918. Since then, the industry has grown and evolved steadily over the years, and it is one of the most booming economic sectors worldwide. 

An insight into the three types of ground shipping processes in America 

As mentioned above, there are three primary types of ground shipping processes popular in America. Goods can be delivered through a common carrier, contract carrier or private carrier. All of them function in a unique way, but they have the same goal- to deliver the goods in time. 

Salient features of these trucking companies for shipments across the nation 

Common carriers, by law, offer services to any individual or business that places a requisition for it and generally operate on a first-come, first-served rule. On the other hand, contract carriers enter into an agreement with the shipping company to offer transportation services for a fixed time, whereas private carriers are those companies that transport goods for one customer with no obligation to serve anyone else. 

The customer should always be aware of the terms and conditions of the agreement before they hire a contract company for their shipments. 

The popularity of common carriers 

Out of these three methods for the transportation of goods, common carriers are the most popular of them all. They include trucking companies offering services to the public in general. However, they are subjected to government regulation and should meet specific standards for operations in the USA.  

According to the experts at Anahuac Transport, the government does not impose any regulations on private carriers. These companies do not have to meet or comply with any standards of operations. Therefore, if you are choosing a private page for the transportation of goods, ensure you go through its online reviews. Check the credentials of the company before you choose it for your needs. 

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