Big Brother 24 Houseguests Ranked By Instagram Followers

Use Reels to collaborate with influencers on ads to help you get noticed. Do you have an active consumer base, but have no followers on Instagram? Create a discount code for your product and / or service that is only available to your Instagram followers. You can also create unique discount codes for each of your influencers.

You can also post photos and/or videos alongside your Tweet to make them even more appealing for likes or retweets. Pins (i.e. the pieces of content that people save and share) can come in a few different forms, like images, videos, stories, so be sure to experiment with the kind of content you share . Pinterest also recommends pinning fresh content (aka. new pins) because users love seeing different kinds of content and it’s favored by the Pinterest algorithm. Instagram was launched in 2010, and it now has 112.5 million users. For this list, I tried to avoid hollow influencers who only use travel as a way of getting new backdrops for their own photos. The world needs valuable content, interesting things to learn and see and especially people who truly love to travel.

He’s got a solid 128k followers and has written a New York Times best-selling book. Matt Kepnes, or Nomadic Matt, has been around for years sharing tips on how to make budget-friendly travel happen. Just because you don’t have 3.9 million followers on your Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t still be successful.

IGTV gives you the opportunity to be authentic and offer your audience a personalized experience. As this is a mobile first content, it’s quite easy to produce it as you’re on the go. Instagram TV or IGTV, will help you increase your blog’s visibility by offering a new format to stay in touch with your audience. You can create longer format videos of the experiences and give your audience a sneak peek from what is happening behind the scenes. For example, you can show your followers how you take photos and edit them. In case you have a name for your travel blog, then the best thing to do is stay consistent and choose the same username.

Jennifer found her mojo for photography when she bought a new iPhone. Originating from Britain, Jennifer has successfully designed two photo editing apps – izkiz cam and DeluxeFX. The bright photos on her Instagram page are a testimony of her love for photography. Read more about buy followers instagram here. She has not only visited but also scenically captured places like Istanbul, Turkey, Seychelles, Holland, and Kazakhstan.

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