chaff cutter for sale in kenya

In search of Kenyan chaff cutters for sale? Thus, you are in the proper location. A chaff cutter is one of those devices that ranchers and farmers can’t live without. A chaff cutter makes it simple to chop straw, maize stalks, and Napier grass for animals as well as other forms of dry grass and green feed. A chaff cutter, however, is capable of much more. Some multipurpose chaff cutters have simple adjustments that allow them to also be utilized for thrashing and crushing.

We can assist if you’re wanting to spend money on a reliable chaff cutter. We have what you need, whether you require a tiny chaff cutter for your few animals or a larger, more powerful one for a dairy farm. To meet all of your demands, we have a large selection of high-quality chaff cutters in various sizes and power ranges.

Additionally, you have a choice of chaff cutters with diesel or electric power. To cut the fodder on the farm and transport it after it has been cut, most farmers choose to bring the chaff cutter to the field. This greatly simplifies the task, and the leftover cut fodder at the farm serves as manure. You may also establish a business by cutting fodder for nearby farmers and charging a fee for your services. A fuel-powered chaff cutter will come in quite handy if this describes you. Small-scale farmers might permanently place the chaff cutter where they perform all the cutting on their property. The electric chaff cutter would be useful for you in such a situation.

Our companies’ chaff cutters have wheels to make it simple to move the machine from one location to another, so you can get the most out of it. Our chaff cutters can also be truck mounted so you can move them from farm to farm. The chaff cutters we carry are versatile since you can switch out the blades and cut a variety of materials with them. And speaking of steel blades, the chaff cutters have long-lasting, razor-sharp steel ones.

Our chaff cutters stand out among the several available for purchase in Kenya in terms of effectiveness. Both the fuel- and electricity-powered quality brands that we carry are quite effective. By doing this, you save exorbitant fuel costs and skyrocketing utility bills. By maintaining the costs low, you can increase your earnings through this great efficiency.

We make sure that our devices have cutting-edge safety measures that provide the user with enhanced protection because chaff cutters can be dangerous.

Our chaff cutters are designed for a good performance to cost ratio and will last you for many years. Browse our extensive selection of premium chaff cutters available for purchase in Kenya, and allow us to assist you in making a purchase of which you can be proud for many years to come.

chaff cutter prices in kenya

eunidrip irrigation systems ltd is a recognized supplier
Electric Chaff Cutter3 Blade, 2 hp Electric MotorKsh 42,000
Electric Chaff Cutter3 Blade, 3 hp Electric MotorKsh 45,000
Petrol Chaff Cutter3 Blade, 5 hp Petrol Engine UnitKsh 40,000
Petrol Chaff Cutter3 Blade, 7.5 hp Petrol Engine UnitKsh 42,000
Petrol Feed Chopper7.5 hp Petrol EngineKsh 38,000
Electric Feed Chopper3 hp Electric MotorKsh 40,000
Electric Feed Chopper5 hp Electric MotorKsh 45,000
Diesel Feed Chopper7.5 hp Diesel EngineKsh 65,000
Diesel Silage Chopper – with Blower16 hp Diesel EngineKsh 175,000

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