Deku and the Magic of History

Deku was wandering around his town one day when he came across a new restaurant that had just opened up. He decided to try it out and found himself ordering the most delicious meatball sub he’d ever tasted! He loved it so much that he went back every day after work, ordering the same thing and feeling pretty great about himself (not to mention gaining weight). Eventually, Deku realized he was eating the same meal each day and that he couldn’t keep doing this if he wanted to maintain his health and fitness levels.

Chapter 1 – A New Beginning

It all started with Deku setting foot in a new place. At first he didn’t know where he was or what to do but then he saw people working around town on different jobs, Deku walked up to a few people and asked if they needed help with anything. One person told him about The Golden Work. He then went to talk to another person who told him that it was not something for just anyone to take on. You had to be someone special to be able to accomplish such a thing so he gave Deku a test, for three days he would have complete control over everything in town. If by end of three days, you have accomplished one thing in order for you to pass you must change your fate!

Chapter 2 – Onward, Together!

When Deku and Midoriya arrived at U.A. they weren’t sure what to expect; they knew their parents were heroes, but they had no idea how their lives would change. Now they look back on their time at U.A., learning to be heroes with All Might by their side, and getting ready for new adventures together! Will it all work out? Not if villains have anything to say about it…! This chapter in one of my favorite series ever!

Chapter 3 – From Small Roots Grow Great Trees

The Deku’s history begins in a time long before most written records. A time when magic was very prominent in every day life. It is said that on a small island between Skyloft and Labrynna there once stood a great tree, so tall that it would take five days to climb from bottom to top. This tree held immense power within its trunk, half way up it split into two branches which each went off in different directions. One was black with burning flames while the other glowed with golden light. The colors were so strong they could be seen even from above by birds high up in their flight path.

Chapter 4 – The Cracks Appear in a Land I Called Home

A young Deku named Link had grown up on tales of heroes. His father, a respectable knight in Hyrule Castle’s guard, would often regale him with tales from his days as a squire to Princess Zelda. But when his mother grew ill and died when he was only five years old, Link’s thoughts became deeply introspective. He felt lost. There was no one left to fulfill his dreams or be there for him if he needed help with anything at all. All he had left were these stories that now seemed to pale in comparison to real life. In fact, they even began to seem absurd in their childishness; how could they ever compare? Though they were all he knew, they were never enough to give him comfort or joy anymore.

Chapter 5 – They Said I Wasn’t Good Enough

As I grew older, my peers began to lose their respect for me. They told me that I wasn’t a true hero, that my sacrifice for Kacchan was nothing but stupidity. Some even said it was a lie, that Kacchan’s blast didn’t give me those scars. Everyone thought they knew what had happened to me… But not a single one knew what I went through before becoming a hero… Not even Kacchan… Deku sighed in relief as he placed his foot on top of U.A.’s front steps—the hardest part was over now!

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