DP-900: Is It Worth It?

Data frontiers such as data engineering, machine learning, MLOps, and data science are all developing quickly and steadily. Large organizations that drive innovation in the field of data science include Microsoft, Amazon, Databricks, and Google. DP-900 is the very first test in the world of data for a data analyst, database administrator, or data engineer’s abilities to ask and respond to the most crucial questions about moving and storing data and using it effectively. Candidates should have a fundamental understanding of data principles and how to apply them if they hope to pass DP-900 test and get the Azure Data Fundamentals Certification.

Exam Objectives of DP-900 Exam:

The sole exam required to get Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals is DP-900. There are four parts to DP-900:

  1. Core data concepts
  2. Using Azure, working with relational data
  3. Using Azure to work with non-relational data
  4. Describe Azure analytics workloads

Data analysis basics, including batch data, streaming data, visuals and charts, and analytics approaches, are covered in the first part. The following three parts emphasize using Azure and its data-related tools, resources, and user interface.

Is DP 900 Right for You?

  • DP-900 is unquestionably worthwhile for IT specialists who work with data and are beginning or intermediate. DP 900 course will demonstrate your proficiency in exploring Azure’s features whether you’re a data analyst, junior data engineer, database administrator, or even an app developer. In addition, DP-900 is a beautiful place to start if you need to verify your proficiency with Microsoft’s data management and visualization capabilities.
  • DP-900 can help you prepare for acquiring data administration abilities because it covers the foundations and takes a comprehensive approach. Database administrators and data analysts on the job may develop tunnel vision, become more specialized in their tasks most frequently, and ignore less essential duties. DP-900 thoroughly addresses how Microsoft Azure enhances and makes the fundamental ideas surrounding data workloads and visualization possible.
  • You’ll review creating SQL queries to retrieve and change data as you prepare for DP-900. You will cover both fundamental troubleshooting techniques and security best practices. You will also cover the use of APIs and the distinctions between Table, Blob, and File storage in the test.
  • No matter how long you’ve worked as a data engineer or how new to database administration, passing DP-900 is a necessary step toward certification. Several certifications come after DP-900, and each one will demonstrate your proficiency in your position, but those journeys are best begun at the beginning.
  • An Azure Data Engineer makes $140,000 annually, while an Azure Database Administrator makes $110,000. These are the typical starting salary for these positions for recent graduates who combine Azure Data Fundamentals with the relevant role-based certifications.

Benefits of DP 900:

  • With the help of this certification, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to deal with cloud data and have your practical knowledge of cloud data inside Microsoft Azure Services validated
  • After earning this one, you can pursue further role-based Microsoft certifications, such as Azure Database Administrator Associate or Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • A CV with this shining certification provides a significant advantage because there is a massive demand in the market for professionals who can deal with data and use Microsoft Azure Services
  • A certification results in a massive increase in both earning potential and work chances
  • By adding a credential to your professional profile, you raise your work profile and boost your chance of being hired

You may use the available Microsoft courses to be prepared for the DP 900 test.


Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure has over 200 products and services. However, data storage and processing only comprise a small percentage of Azure’s full capabilities, and DP-900 shows a beginner’s command of them. Therefore, beginners in data administration and Azure administration should use DP-900. You have 60 minutes to complete the 40–60 multiple-choice questions on the DP–900. The test covers fundamental data ideas and their implementation in Microsoft Azure’s numerous data services. You should be able to apply for associate-level certificates after earning the Azure DP-900 certification.

Other certificates might help you concentrate on your career after DP-900 certification. For example, depending on the aspects of managing data that you love and are good at, you could choose to become a Data Analyst Associate or a Power Platform App Maker Associate.

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