Facebook Posts That Drive Engagement

It’s a challenge that nearly every business with a Facebook fan page faces at some point or another: what should you publish to encourage people to take action? Remember that social media marketing isn’t meant to be a one-way way. The reason you have an account on the Facebook profile is to engage in conversations with your customers and share content they then share with their friends. More broadly, engage with your users and connect with the larger Facebook community via them.

How do you get this engagement going? What is the secret formula to the kind of update people can share, like, or comment on?

To assist you in avoiding Facebook writer’s block and to ensure that your fan page is ablaze to life, we’ve created thirty various types of Facebook posts that will keep users engaged with your content.

Please bring them back the desert island issue of old.

It’s the one you’ve heard of. If you were on a deserted island, What three things would you bring to carry with you? But you’ll need to alter the items to suit your business and, of course. If you were on a hike up Mount Everest, what three products from our sporting goods store would you like to carry with you? If you were to stay late at work, what three tasty meals that we offer would you dream of? You’ll get the idea.

You can make it one million.

The same scenario but with a different set of questions. Everybody loves to imagine what they’d do if they had won the lottery. Make it personal to match your business, and then off you go! What products would you purchase when you win the chance to spend $10,000 at our store? What would you buy if every item beginning in the letter “L” in our store was for free? Think outside the box click here.

Get help.

People are always willing to help others. It doesn’t harm if they showcase their skills in simultaneously time. Ask your fans to share their experiences when faced with a problem related to your company. How do you deal when your toddler is having a tantrum in the aisle of candy? What tricks and tips do you have on your sleeves to keep hair from cats off the couch? You’ll receive a lot of helpful tips and tricks.

What’s the one thing you must have?

Like Oprah and her most-loved items – or was it Julie Andrews? People love to tell others about products that they’ve come across. Request that your fans discuss their top items about your field. My must-have item for grooming my dog is. My yoga must-haves are my baking must-haves include.

Ah, do you remember that?

Engage people’s nostalgic side by asking them to have any memories of a popular trend or custom from their school or college, relevant to your business and tailored to your market. Remember the days when slouch socks were the norm? Remember the day you purchased your first automobile? Request them to talk about their memories of the time.

Give tips that aren’t widely known.

Find some helpful ideas for your company and share these with your followers But ensure that they’re not well famous already. So, you’ll appear as if you’re an expert, and your audience will be enticed to keep coming back.

Help solve an issue

by presenting a photo. People are drawn to pictures anyway, and when you combine it with the potential of problem-solving, you’re bound to gain interest. Present a common problem to your audience and then present the solution in a photo that, in turn, takes them to the correct webpage on your website.

Include pictures in your blog post.

Don’t let a small thumbnail be the only way to limit your images. Put images within the text of your article rather than making them larger so they can be noticed.

Create captions.

Make sure to use the same pictures, and this time don’t make comments, aside from asking for captions. Everyone enjoys making up captions and reading other people’s hilarious captions.

Include a fan.

Request fans to upload their videos and photos. Then, you can choose the best ones and acknowledge the kind fans who helped them with. The people who get their fifteen minutes in the spotlight will share your blog with everyone they know!

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