Globe Mortgage Protection Insurance

Globe Mortgage Protection Insurance

Globe Mortgage Protection Insurance, This policy is almost identical to the accident policy. In fact, it is considered an AD&D policy but marketed as mortgage protection.

It is designed to pay out a one-off benefit to be used to pay off any remaining balance on a mortgage. The payout only takes place if the policyholder dies from death in connection with an accident.

As you can see, this is pretty much an Accidental Death (AD&D) policy.

The idea of ​​this coverage is to help provide funds for your surviving spouse to cover mortgage costs or to make full payment of the mortgage balance.

This coverage is available to applicants ages 18-69 and allows coverage to be purchased from $50,000 up to a maximum of $350,000.

It also includes all the same free benefits listed in the Accidental Compensation Plan above. 

GlobeCare Medicare Supplement

This is an excellent policy to cover the costs that Medicare does not cover, protecting your retirement savings.

Medicare supplement plans offered through Globe Life require no waiting periods and are guaranteed acceptance coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Globe Life option

Globe is a well-known life insurance company but there are many competitors for the policies that Globe is known for. The top three include:

  • AIG Direct  – A good option for almost any type of policy, due to their size and financial stability.
  • Fidelity  – One of the best options for no-exam and no-cost policies.
  • HavenLife  – They have the fastest turnaround for life insurance. This includes no medical examination for many people under the age of 55.

1. Can you collect your Globe Life policy?

2. Is Globe Life Insurance reliable?

3. Does Globe Life have life insurance for the elderly?

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