Hangable hair extension boxes use and pros

Why are hangable hair extension boxes best for retail outlets?

There are a few purposes for which every design of boxes is created by the packaging engineers. Similarly, the hangable hair extension boxes are created to serve display purposes. Every brand needs a packaging solution that would be able to present the products in a presentable manner. However, the retail outlets are full of products, and it is very hard for all brands to capture the prominent counters and rags unless or until the look of the product has some attention-seeking spark. Retailers prefer to display such products in front of customers that are space-saving. 

Moreover, the walls of the retail shops are mostly free, and the cosmetic brands take advantage of this space by wrapping up their products inside hangable packaging solutions. Likewise, the hair extensions wholesale Australia are also available with hangable options. A few amazing benefits of custom-made hair extension boxes are discussed in detail below.  

Make the hair extension products more prominent

One of the cores and basic advantages of the hangable hair extension boxes are the prominent display. Hanging options allow the products to be seen on the walls without taking up more space on the counters and rags. In this way, the walls of the cosmetic retail outlets look decorated and adorable. So, the retailers also appreciated boxes that were equipped with hangable options. 

Require less space at the shops

The cosmetic outlets are full of products, and each product has come in a number of brands. So, the retailers are unable to display all the cosmetic products in the front places. The hangable hair extension boxes provide ease of display for both retailers and brands. 

Facilitate easy carrying of the hair extension product

Carrying facility is something that entices the customers and retailers both. And if the hair extension boxes are loaded with the hangers on the top, then they would easily handle on the retail outlet walls and during transit. 

The essence of elegance that customization adds to the packaging

Adding the hangers to the hair extension boxes is not the only thing you can do. If you select the custom printing and packaging for your hair extensions, then you freely choose the design of each inch of the box as per your need. Here are a few amazing design options that would escalate the visual appeal of the boxes. 

  • Put windows in front of hangable hair extension boxes
  • Use brand details to endow brand identity on the products
  • Colours are added to the design as per customer needs

The crux of the discussion

The hanging option makes the boxes more demanded by the brands, as it is discussed in the above article. If the brands need to get discounts, then hair extension wholesale Australia is one of the best packaging options. 

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