How to choose the best toys for your kids?

Toys for your children will consistently rank first on your purchasing list. Finding the ideal toys for your children is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most of the time, we are confused by the dazzling array of colourful toys. There are many factors to consider while selecting a toy for children. Is this toy too sophisticated for their age? Will they enjoy this stuffed toy? Is this material suitable for play? Is there a chance of any adverse consequences from the toy’s material? Buying safe toys for children is not as simple as one might believe. These are issues and concerns that any parent has while purchasing a toy -like Jellycat toys in Australia.

But have no worries as we are here to assist you. Choosing safe stuffed toys for children can be time-consuming. However, after reading this blog in its entirety, selecting safe stuffed toys is a breeze. It is highly encouraged to purchase toys made of washable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. Consider the following tips when selecting safe plush toys for children. Here we will instruct you on how to select safe toys for children -including jelly cat toys in Australia.

Why do kids favour soft toys?

Kids appear to find comfort in familiar objects, and soft toys can signify a great deal to them. As a result, babies and children frequently refuse to leave the house without a specific tool or soft toy.

Embracing a teddy bear releases oxytocin, a love hormone that makes your youngster feel safe and content. Of course, this is also why you should hug your child as frequently as possible!

Toy Checks – What do the tags on toys mean?

  • CE Mark – The CE label on the toy indicates that it has been tested to meet its safety criteria.
  • Unsuitable for children under 36 months-This tagline indicates that the toy is unsuitable for children younger than three. It can be found in a soft toy with little components that young children can easily swallow.

Now, let’s jump into the tips that will help you to select the best soft toys:  

Don’t buy toys with long strings:

Ensure that toys lack strings, as kids tend to wrap them around their necks and choke on them. And because kids tend to put everything in their mouths, there is a likelihood that they will swallow the strings. Therefore, toys that can create severe issues should be avoided at all costs.

Check for Detachable Components:

Action figures and plastic toys have detachable pieces. Even stuffed and soft toys include detachable components, such as nose buttons and glass eyes. These pieces are small and easy for children to swallow. Before purchasing a toy, it is recommended to read the instructions and user manual to guarantee that children have a safe time playing. 

Buying Toys having batteries in them isn’t recommended: 

Batteries are smaller than the nose buttons, and glass eyes for the same reason stated previously. Children can easily ingest these small batteries. If you intend to purchase an electrically operated soft plush toy, check that the battery panel is screwed and not easily accessible to children. 

Avoid toys with sharp points and edges:

Semi-stuffed soft toys with plastic parts give them a lifelike appearance. However, the edges of these toys will be sharp and pointed. These may harm kids as they might injure themselves with the pointed edges while playing. So, it’s safe not to buy them for your kids.

Purchase only high-quality toys:

Always inspect soft or stuffed toys for defects before purchasing them. Check the sewed seam to see whether the toys are knitted tightly enough. Avoid purchasing low-quality, poorly sewn stuffed toys for children. Children and toddlers enjoy throwing, pulling, and pushing objects in their hands. When you give your child this toy, they will quickly be able to tear off the toys and put the stuffing inside the toys in their mouths.

A toy shouldn’t be too small:

You cannot offer your child a toy twice or three times their size. First, they could easily frighten them. Second, even if they enjoy playing with a massive gorilla, giving your children large and hefty toys always carries the risk of them falling on them and suffocating them.

Always choose toys made of a material that can be cleaned:

Highly recommended are toys that can be washed. Children play with their toys by rubbing and flinging them wherever they like. To guarantee that your children’s playtime is safe and healthy, it is best to wash the toys occasionally. Because children can readily acquire germs and pathogens, it will be detrimental to their health when children put soiled objects in their mouths.

Don’t buy electric toys:

It should be simple enough to comprehend. An electric toy poses a grave danger to your child. Children enjoy throwing, hitting, chewing, and sleeping with their favourite toys. If the toy becomes damaged during play and your child tries to put it in their mouth while it is short-circuited, it might cause serious injury to your child.

Final thoughts:

Toys are a pleasure material for kids, but at the same time, they can be harmful to them if you don’t give proper attention to these few points while buying them. Hopefully, these tips have helped you.   

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