How to Craft an Exquisite Instagram Story Collage?

People like to take photos and share them on Instagram after having a memorable. Besides the option of sharing permanent photos, you can also share through the temporarily visible photos on the stories option. If you want to share multiple photos in interesting ways, the option of creating a collage may be more suitable for you.  

There are different approaches you can take for the creation of a collage. You can use the free options given present inside Instagram or opt for editing apps to do so. Such applications have a subscription option that unlocks more features. Their billing cycle works in a similar way as Cox bill payment for internet and other such subscribed utilities. But for social media managers, such features can be worth the price and advantageous in the long run.  

Creating Instagram Story Collage From the In-App Options 

The easiest way to create a photo collage of your stories is from the options provided within the Instagram application. To design a collage, simply go to the Instagram application and choose the photos you want to add. After selecting the photos, you can click press the Next option. The app will ask you whether you want to upload those photos separately or if you want to choose a layout. Select the Layout option and make basic edits as you like. You may add the stickers of your liking to the layout option of your choice.  

Though making story collages is super easy on Instagram, it is also important to note that the options are fairly limited. You can only choose from a few templates on Instagram. So, if the filters, stickers, and basic templates are not your preference, you may want to try out other apps for this purpose. Still, the story collage options are good for creating collages that don’t require a lot of effort.  


Canva is an easy graphic design and editing application. Besides the popular web application, you can use some of its features on your mobile devices too. This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. You can create exciting photo collages for Instagram stories using the editing options and templates already present on Canva. The editing options outnumber the ones you see on Instagram. Also, the application is easy to understand.  

For general edits and creating usual photo collages, the free version is generally good. However, you can access more premium options and features by opting for a paid subscription. It costs 13 dollars a month and gives you access to more features. The same subscription also covers the web version of Canva. So, if you often design or edit, getting the feature-packed version can be a better decision.  

After creating a collage on Canva, you can share it on Instagram straight from the application. Also, the paid version of Canva gives you access to a collection of stock photos that you can use to enhance your edits for Instagram.  

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Express 

When it comes to editing photos for whatever purpose you want, many pro designers and editors love Adobe. A good thing is that other than the difficult-to-use web versions of Adobe’s applications, there are more beginner-friendly apps on mobile devices as well. Two mobile apps you can use for designing collages for Instagram stories are Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Express.  

You can try different templates, make your desired edits, or even create your own collage layouts from scratch. Both apps have paid subscription options as well. Like Canva, you can get a wider range of options if you are a paid customer. The subscription of both of these apps is priced at $10 each.  


Unfold is the least known third-party Instagram collage designer. But the free templates and a wide selection of choices make this app fairly useful in creating attention-grabbing collages. Besides the regular editing choices, you can even create animations of stickers and texts on this application.  

If you want to access the premium features on this app, the subscription is very affordable. You only have to pay $3 a month to use the complete set of features. Even at this low price, you can create amazing stories. If you are just coming back from a vacation and if you need an affordable editor, Unfold is a superb app. 

Quick Recap 

There are a number of options you can try to create Instagram collage stories. The fastest and most convenient is Instagram itself. If you want more control and better editing options, you may go with Canva, apps by Adobe (Lightroom and Express), and Unfold. To enjoy their more premium options, you can get their subscriptions.  

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