How to get more followers on TikTok

Want to grow your audience on TikTok? Looking for tips to get more views and followers?

In this section, you will see how to increase the growth of your TikTok account. To learn how to grow your TikTok account, read the article below that will tell you how to do it.

1. Post 4-8 times a day on TikTok

You should post 4-8 times a day on TikTok. By posting more often, you have the opportunity to reach different types of audiences, which will help you grow your account faster. Make sure to vary what you post on TikTok each day. Sometimes you can teach your audience how to do something related to your niche. Sometimes you can just be funny. If you are a good player, you can play. It’s up to you to determine what best fits your personality, your audience, and your goals. While all of your daily videos may be very different, they should all have the same goal: to bring people back to you.

2. Always use new features of TikTok

Whenever TikTok comes up with something new, use it. (This goes for all social media platforms.) When you use new features, TikTok spreads your content even further, allowing you to reach more people.

3. Participate in the TikTok process

Tip: Use hotfans tiktok subscribers & app lovers to increase free tiktok likes. Take part in all the trends you see on the For You page. You’ll know it’s a trend if you keep seeing the same content when you scroll through the videos on the For You page. If so, then everyone is doing it, so why not do the same? You have the opportunity to follow trends and put your own twist on them to suit your specific niche.

Pro tip: When you add your own twist, change the ending. To go viral on TikTok, you need to give people a reason to keep watching your videos over and over again. You can do this by placing your stamp at the end of the process.

4. Start your own trend on TikTok

You can also try to start your own style on TikTok, like your own dance, your own sound, or whatever works for you. The hope is that people will pick up on your behavior and follow suit. If you’re lucky enough to get big brands to pick up, they’ll start tagging you, which can lead to millions of people following the trend and tagging you. In the blink of an eye, you become famous on TikTok.

5. Go live every day on TikTok

TikTok Live is available for accounts with up to 1,000 followers. If you can afford it, go sit every day. Online streaming gives you the opportunity to really connect with your TikTok community. You can have a back-and-forth conversation with viewers, which you can’t do with your regular videos.

Pro tip: Go and be active. People like to see behind the scenes of your work when you’re not making TikTok videos. It’s also a great way to manage the event you’re working on. If you are preparing a podcast, let them know what you have planned for the next episode. Interested viewers will follow you on this platform and in no time,

6. Create a series of videos on TikTok

Create a series of videos on TikTok that are related to your skills and that interest your audience. If you’re a professional planner, your first 15-minute video can show people how to organize their homes. By showing it as the first part of a series, people will have a reason to come back the next day to watch the second video. And if someone stumbles on the third video first, they will have a reason to come back to watch parts 1 and 2. Now they are watching more and you end up with a new follower.

Pro tip: In every video, make sure people know it’s the first, second, third, etc.

7. Create handmade articles

Create the content on TikTok that lends itself to tailoring. What does that mean? You create content, then the editor takes a piece of it and adds that content to the end.

For example, in one of my TikTok videos, I ask viewers, “Tell me you’re a small business owner without telling me you’re a small business owner.” Someone then takes the first part of my video, cuts it, and adds content to it. His new video will appear on his TikTok page. People who follow him see not only your content in the video but also your name, which clicks. If those viewers end up visiting your page, you can get a lot of new free TikTok followers with a short video clip.

8. Use the right TikTok hashtag

It is important to choose the right TikTok hashtag for your specific video and target audience. Make sure the hashtags you choose to have between 300,000 and 1 million views because if you use hashtags that have billions of views on them, your content will be lost.

9. Viral Video Duo

Do a duet with a TikTok video that has gone viral. People like to see reactions to viral videos. I have done this many times and gained new followers this way.


TikTok is an amazing way to grow your audience online. Although it is easy to use on some platforms, it still requires a strategy. These 11 tips will help you get more views on your videos and speed up the growth of your account.

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