How To Measure For A Screen Door

If you purchase a ready-made screen door or a kit screen door with multiple measurements, you’ll ensure a proper fit, whether you purchase a metal- or wood-framed door. The standard height for a screen door is 80 inches, and the standard width is 32, 34, or 36 inches. Other sizes are available from some suppliers. If your door frames aren’t true or if they differ slightly from standard sizes, wooden screens with wooden frames are a good choice; the frame can be trimmed to fit.

How To Measure For A Screen Door

The measuring tape should be held about six inches above the top of the door frame and pulled across to the opposite side. Instead of measuring from the bottom of the doorframe, move the tape down 6 inches below that.

Specifically, we’re talking about how to measure for a screen door.

1. Check to see if the door is square. A square door has even sides and won’t bow out or stick inwards when you open it. To be sure, check that the distance between the bottom-left edge of the door and the top-right corner of the door is identical to that between the bottom right corner and top left corner because you should be able to perfectly fit a sliding object like a ruler between them at 90 degrees. Here is guide Stop water from coming under door

2. To figure out your door’s height, take a measurement starting at the top inside of one side of your door frame down to the bottom inside of the opposite side of the door frame. Make sure to measure at least six inches away from the adjacent wall just in case it isn’t true to its specification. Write down your measurement and that’ll be your height.

3. You can measure yourself by measuring the door’s overall width in three spots. Hold the measuring tape with one hand at 6 inches up from the top of the door and pull it across to the opposite side. Then, hold it 6 inches away from the bottom of the door and pull it across to the opposite side. You can measure the length of that door frame between your shoulders using this method.

4. To ensure that your doors fit perfectly, it is necessary to account for the clearance that’s required between the door frame and the screen door. Subtract 1/4 inch from each measurement to find the size of the door. However, you will also need to subtract an additional 1/8 inch when making your calculations for the clearance.


Are our screen doors standard size?

A standard screen door usually has a height of 80 inches or 81 inches and a width of 32 inches, 34 inches, or 36 inches. Some suppliers offer additional sizes. If your door frames aren’t exactly true or don’t match the standard measurements, screen doors with wooden frames are a good choice; you can trim the frame to fit.

Can you put a screen door on the inside?

Screen doors can be installed inside your home instead of above the exterior door. Focusing more on inside security allows a screen door to still add an extra layer of protection across both the interior and exterior doors. Source

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