How To Preserve Goat milk Products when Kept outside

Which do you believe is the most appropriate place to live your life? An existence that is fulfilled to the fullest extent? An existence that’s fulfilling and filled with excitement, joy and love Goat milk? Do you believe it’s best to be inside the box or outside of it? Let me know and I’ll give you the answer to that question.

If you know us and have a Goat milk products connection to the farm that we operate, you know our methods are different here at River’s Edge Goat Dairy. We believe this is the reason you decide to go to the supermarket and come to us to buy your eggs, cheeses, meats and products for skin care. It’s not only in The River’s Edge Goat Dairy, everywhere.

In River’s Edge dairy we are at an intersection. To ensure that we continue to make dairy products that meet the standard you expect and appreciate, we’ve reached the point where we either need to renovate our current cheese production space or construct a new cheese production facility. Our facility is tiny and is a 9×13 space. Many bedrooms are bigger and some have bathrooms! In this tiny space, there is an 300L cheese vat as well as a 50L storage tank for yogurt, milk and Kefir, a 100L tank to clean the area and a huge wash sink as well as a handwash drain tray, sink, and a table for work Goat milk soap. If there are two people at the cheese plant together, we perform what’s known as “The Cheese Plant dance”. There’s no place for social distancing!

Another problem concerns the fact that our cheddar production facility is more than 15 years old. We’ve made a lot of cheese since the 1st of July in 2005! We clean walls, floors and ceilings, and even doors and over. 15 years of heavy washing has left some areas that require repair and upgrades.

There has been a lot of praise for us that we are an inspiration. And we think we’ve been an inspiration to others to follow our path. We certainly have gained a lot of knowledge and the industry has grown significantly over the past 15 years. We’d like to become the place that raises the boundaries and inspires others to produce better quality. Healthier food through collaboration together with Mother Nature. 

The new cheese production facility will be designed to serve as an educational center for all people. From those who have an interest in cheese generally. And up to those looking to become cheesemakers and then sell directly to consumers. Our aim is to create many more cheeses that are living, vibrant organisms. That are full of microbes that are essential to living healthy lives. Cheese made with love and purpose of creating happiness and health rather than an eye on making money.

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