How to Promote on Instagram

This is massive social proof that they have managed to establish a platform that people really love. You can try to arrange some sort of an agreement, but most of the time, you will have to pay for shoutouts. Talk to different accounts to get an idea how much they are worth. A shoutout from an account with 100k followers might cost you around $50. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Also, the amount of new followers you will receive from a shoutout depends on your content, bio, follower count, followers-to-following ratio, etc. . Start thinking about creating a voice outside of Instagram.

It’s a great way to make them want to learn more about your brand by giving you a follow. Instagram Stories offer plenty of interactive features to engage users, like poll, question, and chat stickers. These stickers are a simple, low-stakes way for your audience to engage with your content. That’s a huge opportunity for brands looking to grow their audience. For example, @damngoodstitch features embroidery posts. You could also highlight some of your best Instagram posts on your other social channels.

After you have your Instagram business account set up, enjoy the new interactions with friends and clients while building your brand. Once you’ve got a handle on posting and interacting, it’s time to consider how Instagram can help you grow your business. Instagram ads can get you in front of the people you want to, regardless of whether they are in your network or not. Post an image advertising your giveaway, sale or contest, and ask users to repost that image with a specific custom hashtag to enter. Search for that hashtag to see who has reposted it, and pick a winner.

Tell people what you do, who you are, and what they can expect to see from your Instagram updates. Most importantly, tell people WHY they should follow you. If you’d like to capitalize on search, try logging out of Instagram and search the name you’re considering using.

Whenever someone is posting using your hashtag, they introduce their followers to your product or company. There is no shortage of content to publish and fill up the brand feed when it comes to Instagram. You can use bite-sized videos, memes, or even customer photos. It has become a global platform that lets brands humanize their content, showcase their product, or hire new talent. Brands are opening shops, running fundraisers, and organizing Instagram live broadcasts.

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