Interior Design Styles & Home Decor Trends

Furniture pieces are largely geometric in shape, but feature detailed ornamentation on the corners and edges. Flat surfaces are often adorned with geometric reliefs, colored enamel or gilded inlays. Egyptian-inspired art, such as gold metallic sculptures, papyrus scrolls and hieroglyphics are also used to decorate the home. Greenery is also used sparingly throughout the home for a splash of color. Contemporary style is often interchanged with modern design – however, there are a few differences.

Furniture of Directoire style is sleek and elegant with a sophisticated feel. Rather than having engraved emblems of aristocracy and royalty, Directoire furniture features decorations of griffins and Greek caryatids . The most common piece of furniture is the daybed, which is inspired by the Grecian-style couch.

She’s a recycling enthusiast with a passion for repurposing discarded items and turning them into stylish decor. Pamela has also published a book on creative DIY coffee tables. Use light colors to keep the room from feeling too dark or enclosed. Multiple fabrics and prints help bring some color and texture to the space, while helping to make the area feel more inviting. It is unusual for country style to use plastic, linoleum as well as glazed surfaces, as it favors only natural, of true nature materials, used for home decoration.

One of my favorite pieces is a little chartreuse stool that I found at a garage sale for $5.00. It goes to show that you don’t have to spend a ton to love the pieces that fill your home. I have an intense love for old things and as a result I try to stay away from things that are too trendy. Read more about buy likes on instagram here. I wanted our home to feel pulled together and collected over time but also casual enough for boys to jump on the sofas. About 80 percent of items in our home are things I’ve bought second hand at either a thrift store, a flea market or an estate sale. I LIVE for a good treasure hunt and I love the stories that come with pre-loved pieces.

This interior design motif shares certain characteristics to other home styles including Greek and Roman. Decorating pieces like vases, statues and paintings feature themes from Greek mythology and front porches have massive symmetrical columns inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. Walls are decorated with large vintage mirrors surrounded by ornate gilded frames. Stone or marble floors are commonplace in neoclassical homes.

A decorative covering of fine wood known as veneer is applied to furniture to add character. Carolean lighting boasts a mix of modern and Old World characteristics thanks to simple silhouettes and detailed finishes. Table lamps feature shades made of silk or velvet, and they’re adorned with tapestries and fringe. This style was en vogue in England during the reign of Charles II.

The mixture of high-end and antique in this Long Island, New York dining room, designed by Ellen Niven, makes it feel like everything was sourced from a flea market in Provence. Studio Razavi gave this historic home in Lyon, France, some modern updates while still honoring the integrity of the space. The floating shelves and bright emerald green accents and blond flooring anchor the living room in the modern era while the raw materials of the mantel and exposed beams stay true to its history. A full gallery wall complete with antique gilt frames and classic portraits is a great way to introduce dimension in the living room.

Floors are often sandstone, terracotta or stained concrete with sisal or jute rugs. Much of African furniture is made from ebony, mahogany or cedar woods, or rattan with patterned ikat fabric, kuba cloth or leather upholstery. Chair seats and backs may also be made from braided grasses. Animal hides like zebra or cheetah are often used to highlight the importance of wildlife in African culture. Triplolina Chairs (a.k.a. butterfly chairs) with decorative mudcloth slings are signature pieces of seating in this aesthetic.

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