Introducing advanced technology into police training

Introducing advanced technology into police training. Every year, dozens of unarmed people are killed by law enforcement officers across the United States, not out of purposeful malfeasance, but tragic circumstances and excessive stress. Experts believe that a culture of warrior training and sheep-dog mentality is to blame for many of these situations. In recent years, police departments throughout the country have sought to improve police response to non-violent situations and ensure that no more innocent lives are lost. Police De-Escalation Training is an effort to facilitate this focus shift from firearms to peaceful resolution.

De-escalation operations are often very complicated and require extensive experience as well as a good common sense for successful implementation. While an unfortunate shootout is tragically unavoidable in some cases, the vast majority of police encounters reach their conclusion via peaceful means. Therefore, de-escalation capabilities are a key skill for all law enforcement personnel who are likely to be exposed to interactions with the general public.

Multiple large-scale studies have shown that law enforcement officers often have to endure chronic stress, sleep deprivation, and psychological tensions in their life of work. Furthermore, they are not completely immune to the socio-economic and racial biases present in the general society. As hundreds of heroes in blue lose their lives on the frontline each year, it is also inevitable that police officers feel threatened when faced with difficult situations.

All of this has always been and will continue to be true. Fortunately, there are ways in which the risk to the lives of officers and the law-abiding members of our communities can be substantially mitigated, and disputed resolved through diplomatic maneuvering rather than militant action. This is where the experts at Shooting-Soft come to the rescue. Through decades of accumulated experience and practical wisdom, we have developed an interactive de-escalation course that has been proved to show positive results in real-life situations.

It is hard to deny that prior training makes a huge difference in how one reacts to an active shooter threat, domestic violence calls, or other situations that might result in harm to either the officers or civilians involved. Our simulation program for such situations is highly sophisticated, dynamic, and contains hundreds of scenarios that accurately reflect the complexity of real law enforcement encounters. Our Police De-Escalation Training takes everything into account From the tone of your voice to your movement patterns and the timing of active intervention.

Training exercises depict a large variety of violent threat situations in detail, and help you through in an orderly fashion with real-time instructions. While principled assistance and educational tools are offered for all the situations in question, it is ultimately the choices and decisions of the trainee that always determine the outcome. We believe that experience is the best teacher. Therefore, we are proud to present a better, digital alternative to live training exercises, which are often prohibitively costly, unrealistic, and often confusing with little practical utility. The accuracy of these interactive scenarios and the efficacy of our de-escalation techniques has been confirmed by independent experts from a variety of academic and practical fields, all of which are regularly updated in the light of new findings and research.

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