List Of Universities For Phd In Astronomy In The United Kingdom


Studying the universe’s mechanics is a primary focus of physics and astronomy programmes. This degree programme might be a stepping stone to a variety of fields, including those in research and technology. Courses in Astrophysics, Quantum Theory, and Space Science are included in the rankings of the top institutions in the UK for Physics and Astronomy below. Using our Physics & Astronomy league table, you can quickly and easily compare courses at various UK institutions depending on the most relevant criteria. Our rankings may be sorted in multiple ways to help you choose the best programme and school for your needs, including location, required GRE score, student reviews, and job prospects for graduates.

1. University of Cambridge


  • More than 25% of students and 50% of postgraduates at the University of Cambridge come from outside the UK, making for a vibrant and varied society.
  • There are more than 700 student organizations and sports clubs to join, and the colleges and Students’ Union greatly help students get to know one another.
  • Graduates from this school have excellent job chances since they attend one of the top 10 universities in the UK (The Graduate Market 2022, High Fliers).

In 1209, Cambridge University was established. It features several historic structures and a stellar reputation for academic excellence and ground-breaking research across the world. There are a total of 31 separate schools that make up the university. The college to which a student applies will serve as their home away from home during their time at university, giving them a place to live and a network of academic and pastoral students.

2. University of St. Andrews 


  • St. Andrews is a university in Scotland with a worldwide perspective firmly entrenched in Europe. Over forty-five per cent of faculty and students are international.
  • Many international foundation programmers are available to help students from all around the world learn the skills they need to succeed in higher education.
  • Students whose first language is not English can take advantage of an on-campus English language service during the academic year.

Although one of the oldest in the world, St. Andrews University also aspires to be one of the most forward-thinking. Because it is global, multinational, and European, it has thrived for over six hundred years. Small-group, high-quality instruction focused on the cooperation and conversation between teachers and students supports a degree structure that is customizable and dependent on the student’s choice of topic specialization. Get dissertation writing help uk from LiveWebTutors.

3. Oxford University


  • Nearly 45 per cent of the student population, or about 11,500 students, are international students. Students at Oxford represent more than 160 nationalities and territories.
  • Students at Oxford have access to many contact hours with subject-matter experts through the tutorial system.
  • More than 350,000 people have graduated from Oxford, giving it an outstanding international reputation and network.

The University of Oxford has a strong tradition of academic achievement and is well-known for the excellent research it provides. Students are members of college communities that give a secure and encouraging space to learn from topic experts in small-group settings through frequent tutorials. Students from all walks of life and all corners of the globe make up our student body and faculty.

4. University of Manchester


  • Over 41,000 students and 14,000 postgraduates comprise the university’s varied student body.
  • There will always be a bed in a university-run dorm for international students.
  • There are more than 400 student societies to participate in and enjoy at the University of Manchester Students’ Union, the largest in the United Kingdom.

Every aspect of life at the University of Manchester is strengthened by a dedication to society and the environment, and its research has a global influence on various students. They were the first school in the UK to make social responsibility a priority.

5. London’s Imperial College


  • Free English language assistance and visa counselling, among other facilities, to help overseas students integrate into Imperial’s student body.
  • Students come from over 130 countries and all walks of life, making this one of the most varied student communities in the UK.
  • Global businesses place a high value on graduates with degrees from Imperial because of the school’s excellent reputation.

In the United Kingdom, Imperial College London is alone as the only institution dedicated only to the study of science, technology, engineering, medicine, and business. Companies worldwide highly sought after degrees from Imperial, and the university routinely ranks in the top five UK institutions (Complete University Guide). Over 350 student-run extracurricular groups and service opportunities are available to students at this institution, making it one of the most comprehensive selections in the United Kingdom.

6. Durham University 


  • Ranked #6 in The Complete University Guide 2022; among the world’s finest universities.
  • At Durham, you’ll find people from more than 150 different nations.
  • Outside of the student, Durham provides an unforgettable collegiate experience.

Durham University is unlike any other institution of higher learning in the world because it combines a world-class teaching and research institution, a vibrant student body, and a beautiful, historic campus.

7. Birmingham University


  • Among the most prestigious educational institutions in the United Kingdom is the University of Birmingham.
  • Birmingham, the United Kingdom’s second-largest city, provides an excellent student for overseas students.
  • The institution is home to nearly 10,000 international students from about 150 nations, making for a thriving international student community.

University of Birmingham (UoB) students benefit from excellent instruction and form lasting bonds with their classmates. This leading research university helps students succeed in all aspects of their lives and professions. The University of Birmingham provides the best of both worlds, with its beautiful, expansive campus filled with both old and modern buildings and its proximity to the exciting culture and nightlife of the UK’s second-largest city.

8. Edinburgh’s Academic Institution


  • The university’s international division, Edinburgh Global, offers help and guidance to all overseas candidates and students.
  • University students can take advantage of free academic English tutoring and pre-study courses at the university’s English Language Teaching Centre.
  • After graduating from Edinburgh, students will become part of a global network of more than 200,000 people who share their values.

At number 12 in the United Kingdom, the University of Edinburgh is often considered among the best institutions in the world (Complete University Guide). Over five hundred undergraduate degrees are available, both on-campus and online, covering many subject areas. The University of Edinburgh has more than 44,000 students from 156 different countries and has attracted Nobel Prize winners and future explorers, pioneers, and innovators.

9. University of Warwick


  • About 150 nations are represented among Warwick’s international student body.
  • International students can choose from a wide variety of available scholarships.
  • There are a variety of rooming alternatives, both on and off-campus.

Among the top ten universities in the United Kingdom, Warwick is also highly sought after by some of the country’s most prestigious companies, placing it in the top ten for the Complete University Guide and High Fliers’ Graduate Market 2022). Warwick has received accolades for the quality of its instruction; the institution actively encourages students to expand their horizons by taking courses in disciplines other than their own.

10. University of Lancaster


Over 100 nationalities are represented at Lancaster, allowing students to develop international friends and acquaintances of a lifetime.

The institution provides special services for overseas students.

Lancaster University enjoys a worldwide reputation for academic research and success among its students, student, and alums. Students from almost one hundred different nations study at Lancaster University, which is situated in the geographical centre of the United Kingdom. Since it is a university for students, each of the nine colleges offers its members a unique and intimate learning environment.

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