My Hero Academia Characters – Deku

The manga series My Hero Academia features a hero by the name of Deku. It is the main character in the series and was created by Khei Horikoshi. The character is a brilliant mix of strength and speed. Deku is a very popular character among fans. Read on to learn more about Deku.


Izuku Deku is the hero of the popular My Hero Academia manga series. He is a Japanese manga character created by Khei Horikoshi. And is a powerful and heroic teenager who is always willing to help others. He is also a talented karate student.

Izuku’s empathetic nature shows in his interactions with villains. He often wonders about their circumstances and tries to save them. In the series, he even offered redemption to the Gentle Criminal. This is his way of showing that he cares about others. Izuku is a very good role model and has helped countless people overcome their problems.

His high intelligence and knowledge have been demonstrated several times throughout the series. This has allowed him to create strategies to take advantage of situations, and he is also a quick learner. This quality has helped him develop new skills, including his Quirk, to combat opponents.

His relationship with Bakugou

The first time we see Deku, he’s just fifteen and has no Quirk. He is then accepted into an Academy, where he meets his rival Katsuki Bakugou, an older, bully-prone boy. Bakugou resents Deku, as he does not have a Quirk.

Bakugou is a fierce rival. He pledges to be number one and feels threatened by people who are not his equal. This anger is a result of his own lack of role models. Bakugou also misunderstands Midoriya’s gestures, misinterpreting them as a look-down on him. Unlike Bakugou, Izuku’s friendship with Kacchan was based on admiration, as she admired his quirk and potential.

However, Katsuki does not share the same feelings. Izuku is shy, and often overreacts to situations. In addition, he is extremely reserved, and was once looked down upon by Katsuki because he didn’t have a Quirk. However, he pursues Kacchan wholeheartedly, despite the fact that he has little feelings for her.

His strength

In the series’ final chapters, we get a look at the true strength of Deku. Unlike the cheerful Izuku Midoriya that first made his debut, this hero has changed significantly since his battle with the villain All For One. The weight of All For One has affected Deku’s mind and strength, and he has lost sight of his true strength. After rescuing his friends, the hero decides to protect those who he loves, and he forgets that his own strength is limited.

In addition to Deku’s strength, he is also extremely fast, which helps him to move around quickly in combat. His speed is also a huge asset, which comes in handy during the battle against the Nagant. Furthermore, he has excellent strategic ability and is able to think quickly under pressure. He also has an arsenal of kicks and smashes to choose from, including a whipping style similar to that of Tsuyu.

His speed

One For All is a quirk All Might possessed before his retirement, making him indestructible. With this quirk, Deku could reach a top speed of 1200 km/h, which is equal to Mach 1. But how fast can Deku go? That would be difficult to say, but if All Might was able to control OFA, then he could reach even higher speeds. Nevertheless, we can’t say for certain, but it’s likely that All Might would be able to harness the One For All quirk to give Deku a higher speed.

This speed is truly amazing! Even the most powerful villains cannot catch up to Deku. However, if Eri isn’t nearby, he can only use 45% of his full power. Moreover, his full power is only available when he’s wearing the Full Cowl, which allows his energy to circulate throughout his entire body. As a result, most of his strongest moves require the use of this power.

His quirks

Quirks are unique abilities that an individual possesses that are not shared by others. Deku is a prime example of a character with a Quirk, and one that can be passed down from one generation to another. His quirk, One For All, is an ability to store immense raw power, enhancing all his physical abilities to superhuman levels. However, unlike Deku, Midoriya does not possess this ability. This quirk also has some side effects, however.

One For All is a form of power that was given to Deku by the All Might as a gift, but it could also be passed on to another. Yoichi, however, was an afflicted person who had been opposed to the All For One’s tyranny. The Quirk was passed on to him when Yoichi was imprisoned by the All For One. This allowed Yoichi to gain the trait and reawaken it, and thus ensure that new heroes would continue to resist the tyranny of the One For All.

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