Download Old Songs for FREE: The Top 5 Sites

Music has always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. People have been creating music since the dawn of time, and more recently, advances in technology have made it possible to listen to music whenever and wherever you want. But what if you want an old song? That requires a trip to the record store, which might be tough if you can’t find it anymore, or worse if you don’t even know if that album ever existed on vinyl or tape.

1) I Love Music

In today’s era of iPods and smartphones, it’s hard to go a day without listening to music. We have high-speed wireless Internet and incredible computers that allow us to download, record, and create music wherever we are. But what if you don’t have a reliable source for your favorite old songs? Today we offer up five sites where you can find classics from years gone by.

2) Free Music Archive

One of our favorite sites to find old songs is Free Music Archive. This website curates musicians and their music, ensuring they’re totally free of copyright. You can search by genre or artist—or if you just want to explore, use their in-depth Sound Map as a jumping off point. When you do find an old song that strikes your fancy, there are a few ways to get it downloaded and onto your smartphone or laptop. If you just want to listen, click on a track to start listening; if you want it for your collection, click download at the top right corner of each track.

3) Bandcamp

First and foremost, Bandcamp is a top source of free music. In fact, pretty much every musician I know (and trust me, I know a lot of musicians) gives away their music through Bandcamp. This isn’t an accident either; Bandcamp makes it super easy to collect email addresses from listeners. Since most new releases are available as high-quality audio downloads for free, your email address and any other personal information you decide to provide is completely voluntary—you won’t be bombarded with junk mail. Giving users control over their data like that isn’t common in today’s digital world. And that’s why Bandcamp is our #1 choice if you’re looking to download old songs for free.

4) Spinrilla

Spinrilla hosts tens of thousands of tracks, spanning multiple genres. When searching Spinrilla, you’ll see a search bar at top—but to get started, tap any genre and type in an artist or song name. (For example, type in Drake old songs to find Drake’s music from before he was famous.) From there, you can sort by popularity or listen to any song that appears on your screen. You can also tap play on any track without adding it to your library if you’re just looking for some background music while you work.

5) SongFreedom

SongFreedom, formerly known as MP3Tunes, has a free option that allows you to share up to 25 songs. But if you’re looking to download more than 25 tracks at a time, you can upgrade your account for $24.99 per year and access unlimited downloads. You can even upload all of your own music—no restrictions here! This is a great option if you have lots of old songs laying around that aren’t available through streaming services or don’t want them playing on random playlists when people access your computer. It also makes an excellent backup site for when something happens with one of your other repositories. Keep everything in one place by backing it up on SongFreedom.

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