Personal loan comparison UAE will clear your mind about the banking system in UAE 

Many loans are existing within the range of the United Arab Emirates and people are taking advantage of these loans. In Which, a personal loan is top of the list, which can be very beneficial in an individual’s life. An individual can maintain his or her life with the improvement of high-level facilities, that are mostly depend upon financial assistance. Do not worry now because all type of financial activities is going to be simple with this personal loan in UAE

People mostly look confused about the difference between various banks that are giving the assistance regarding personal loan. People need to understand the clear differences between the banks of the UAE. For this purpose this article will be helpful for all of them due to the personal loan comparison UAE.  To clear the mind of people we are trying to compare all banks with each other. so that their demands and rates will be clear in front of public and it will be also understandable to the nation. Read this piece of work very carefully if you are interested in this comparison. 

Comparison between Banks in UAE for personal Loan 


Whenever you think about the personal loan in FAB just follow its instructions made for all people of UAE. This bank is made up of Islamic sharia laws and gives Islamic finance. The first thing is about the income that you earn monthly. The range of it will be about 15000 AED with a smooth ratio of 5.45%. The monthly installment rate would be up to 2,300 that is consists of without the salary transfer rule. So, if you are 21 years old with good credit history and experience letter, FAB will welcome you.  


This bank also works with both rules, which means with salary transfer and without salary transfer rule. you can submit your installment directly from your salary account and also via visiting the branch. with the straight rate of 7.8% for without salary and 7% for with salary. The salary must be about 8000 AED which is an important part of it. Via this loan provider bank, a candidate will get the maximum loan amount of 500,000 that a candidate can return within 48 months. You will not have to pay any kind of extra charges like a processing fee. Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary

Commercial Bank of Dubai 

It will allow the personal loan against the salary range of 8000 which is transferable directly from your salary account. The interest will depend on the loan and usually, it begins with the ratio of 5% and an installment rate of up to 2,200. This bank provides some additional features also, for example, with purchasing items and departure of income you will get free debit card strength. Deferment will be also given to the customers in case of any emergency and if they are facing any economic hardship.  


This bank also runs a loan business according to strict sharia laws because this bank will give you an Islamic finance. Bank gives personal loans in UAE with the minimum payment amount of 8000 AED. You don’t have to transfer your payment directly from the bank. Monthly installments begins with the 2,250 that will consist of an adjusted rate of interest which is up to 3.90%. The other features consist of a free card facility of visa cash back. Another essential feature associated with this bank is the facility of the Takaful scheme. Which will be given as a recovery of expenses after the accident, disability, and death.    

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