Peter Davison – Actor – Biography

The professional name of Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffett is Peter Davison. He has several credits in sitcoms and television dramas. He is a devoted actor who likes to play lovable characters. The best-known of his roles is the one in the sitcom “Cheers”. However, he has also played the role of an inept alcoholic. He is credited for a number of films as well.

peter Davison

Davison began his acting career as a child and has earned a fortune from it. He has been in the acting industry for a long time. He was born in Stratham, London and had three sisters. His father was a radio engineer, his mother was a grocer. His father was a tax collector and later a bank manager. parents divorced in 1994, and he never re-signed his contract with the show.

After leaving Doctor

Who, Davison went on to play a character in the period drama Anna of the Five Towns. He also appeared in the Christmas special of All Creatures Great and Small, as well as the Magnum, P.I. episode “Deja Vu.” He is currently active in film and television and continues to produce new works. A short biography of his life will be featured on this page. And please do visit the website below for more information on Peter Davison’s career.

His most memorable role as the Doctor on Doctor Who was in the TV series ‘Cheers’

He succeeded Tom Baker in 1986 as the fourth Doctor and was the youngest actor to appear in the lead role. He held the record until 2009 when Matt Smith took over the role as the Eleventh Doctor. The role of the doctor became so popular that Davison’s contract did not renew after two years. He was concerned that his character would be typecast and did not renew it.

Peter Davison’s most notable roles in television include starring as the Dish of the Day in the BBC adaptation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The role was considered humorous by the producers and Davison. He also appeared in various British drama and sitcom roles. He was married to his wife, Sandra Dickinson, for over 30 years. The couple divorced in 1994. It is unclear what inspired their love affair.

The actor is an English-born actor

His acting career started with a small role in a charity cricket match in the 1980s. same year, he starred in the hit film Holding the Fort with Tristan Davison. In the 1990s, he starred in Sink Or Swim. In the same year, he landed a role in the BBC series. Although Davison is a popular TV star, he has acted in many films and TV shows.

In 1981

He was cast as the fifth Doctor in the popular television show. He was the youngest actor to play the role. His age helped the show’s ratings climb, but he did not get much screen time in the first season. Aside from his role in the show, he also starred in several other films. These include the film “The Fifth Doctor” (1986 by Theatrical Daleks. The movie, “Stillborn,” is a comedy about the life of a father and his daughter.

Besides being a successful actor

Davison also has a long and distinguished career. He was the fifth Doctor for three seasons and was later replaced by Colin Baker. He also starred in several other high-profile movies, including his own 1992 play, The Decorator. The play’s success helped her become famous as a sci-fi star. The actress is the sister of Davison’s son Nick. These are some of the most common roles in Peter Davison’s life.

Apart from his acting career,

Davison also created his own sitcom, “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”. The show is a parody of Doctor Who and he starred alongside Freeman Agyemang. In addition, the actor also had recurring roles in many other TV shows and movies. He was the lead in the 1990 family drama Patrick. During his time on the show, he played the role of the fifth doctor.