Present at GIIAS Surabaya 2022, Honda Shows the Latest SUV & Gives Interesting Programs

Honda is back with the GIIAS Surabaya Auto Show 2022 taking place September 14-18, 2022, at the Grand City Convention and Exhibition, Surabaya. At this event, Honda showcased its latest products, including what will become Honda’s last SUV, and offered many attractive offers at the show.

The Honda booth is located at stand A with an area of ​​330m2 displaying the latest series of products including the all-new Honda HR-V RS, the all-new Honda BR-V Prestige with Honda SENSINGTM, Honda City Hatchback RS with Honda SENSINGTM, the new Honda Brio RS Urbanite, the all-new Honda BR-V type E and the new Honda CR-V Black Edition. As a special exhibition, a model that will become an all-new Honda SUV also appeared at GIIAS Surabaya. And someone would focus on Honda City Hatchback price Philippines, perhaps it will be discussed in another article.

This vehicle was introduced to the world for the first time at the GIIAS 2022 event at ICE, BSD in August. After that, this car was also brought to 9 cities in West Java and Central Java and received an enthusiastic response from consumers in many different cities. After going through a series of test drives and roadshows in different cities, Honda’s new SUV candidate is now one step closer to the launch stage.

Developed from the RS Concept SUV, this small SUV from Honda appears with a sportier look that is the hallmark of Honda’s RS line. The sporty appearance combined with the design of an SUV with solid lines, large modern grille, attractively designed front and rear lights and large wheels further accentuate the impression of luxury. the sturdiness of this car. Meanwhile, the compact size helps the car move more flexibly on the inner city and suburban roads. 

Ang Hoey Tiong, President and CEO of Honda Surabaya Center, said, “We believe that GIIAS 2022 will be well received by consumers in Surabaya, especially with its various premium products. of Honda, including the latest SUV model will be an attraction for guests. In addition, the various sales programs that we have prepared will also bring more value and make it easier for consumers to buy a Honda.

Especially to welcome GIIAS Surabaya 2022, Honda has prepared a sales program called “Honda Versatile”. Listed as follows.

1. Special package for all new Honda BR-V*:

Light TDP from 20 million *

Easy installment from only 4.8 million *

Term up to 7 years*

Road test with price *

Free Pertamax BBM worth 2.2 million *

2. Double Bonus: Lucky Dip (Cashback or 10gr Gold) and E-Toll *

Each consumer who purchases the all-new Honda BR-V and Honda City Hatchback RS and during the period of the 2022 GIIAS Surabaya Auto Show will receive:

· Lucky Dip in the form of cashback worth IDR 1-5 million or 10 grams of gold with a total value of hundreds of millions of Rupees.

· Honda electronic card worth 1 million IDR.

3. Free periodic maintenance package *

Consumers will benefit from Economy Package 1, which includes free service fees and spare parts for routine maintenance up to 50,000 km or 4 years when purchasing a brand new Honda Brio, new Honda Mobilio, Honda All-new BR-V (VIN number 2022), Honda CR-V and new Honda City Hatchback RS.

In addition, consumers also have the option to receive a “Share your experience redefined” program where consumers have the option to receive a special rental program of 0% for 1 year*, package value fleet sales up to IDR 10 million*, IDR 5 million daily rewards*, weekly rewards 5 million IDR*, monthly rewards 5 million IDR. *

Honda Surabaya Center is also preparing special exclusive products for visitors to try the all-new Honda BR-V and Honda City Hatchback RS during the GIIAS Surabaya Auto Show 2022 at the Honda booth.

Each visitor to the all-new Honda BR-V and Honda City Hatchback RS will receive free Honda exclusive merchandise. Meanwhile, consumers who buy cars at Honda booth during the period of GIIAS Surabaya Auto Show 2022 have the opportunity to receive a Lucky Jar worth a total of millions of Rupees.

Wendy Miharja, Marketing and Service Manager of Honda Center Surabaya, explains that with increasing market demand for the all-new HR-V, all-new BR-V and Honda Brio, they offer many benefits to consumers who buy and use Honda automobiles. in GIIAS Surabaya takes place. They are optimistic that the attractive packages we offer will increase sales in September. 

Honda Sales in East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara Wilayah

From January to August 2022, Honda recorded a sales increase of 18.02% year-on-year, with total sales of 8,893 units in East Java, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.

Honda Brio is still the main contributing model, contributing 52.21% of total sales, equivalent to 4,643 units. Honda Brio Satya has sales of 3,515 units, while Honda Brio RS has sales of 1,128 units.

Meanwhile, Honda BR-V achieved sales of 1,532 units, contributing 17.23% to total sales. Honda HR-V 1.5 L achieved sales of 1,511 units. After that, Honda City Hatchback RS achieved sales of 595 units. Honda CR-V sold 459 units. Meanwhile, Honda Mobilio recorded sales of 77 units.

While in the sedan segment, Honda Civic achieved sales of 33 units, Honda City sold 18 units and Honda Accord achieved sales of 14 units. Honda HR-V 1.8L recorded sales of 5 units. Honda Odyssey achieved sales of 5 units.

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