Reworked chassis creates the most capable version of Bentley’s SUV

Based on data from Wapcar Automotive News, 40% of all Bentleys sold are Bentaygas – Continental GT is 33%, Flying Spur remaining 27 – as well as a lot of variety, which makes Crewe SUV a big deal when it comes to the balance sheet maths. They may be big, cumbersome, and inefficient machines, but they keep accountants happy and investors willing to split their money to pay for whatever comes next. And it perhaps is a factor that influences Bentley Bentayga price Malaysia and other areas.

Perhaps because of this profit-driven approach, Bentayga has struggled to shed its VW Group background, a beautifully crafted interior just enough distraction to mask the very Bentley driving experience. little. A little soft, a little vague and a little forgettable.

But unlike its looks, which still lack the luxury expected of a Pyms Lane car, its ride has improved over the years. When the current Bentayga was introduced in 2020, it seemed that Bentley engineers had more freedom to put their stamps on a car that otherwise shares a lot with the Touareg, Q8, Cayenne and Urus. . Now, with this latest S derivative, Bentley-ness has been raised to a new level.

Okay, so Audi’s 4-liter twin-turbo V8, which rivals the four-liter EA888 to see what could come in more VW models, doesn’t have a single drop in horsepower or torque. than a regular Bentayga V8, so 542 hp and 568 lb-ft are still responsible for carrying 2400 kg on the road to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds and 180 mph. With V8 and Hybrid engines, the only Bentaygas available in the UK – the W12 Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčEngine is no longer sold in its home market – it’s also the fastest. 

So what has changed? Mainly how it goes. The mix of Alcantara and leather for the interior is beautifully executed, the details are subtle, and even with the sports exhaust mounted underneath, intended for the V8 soundtrack rather than a gruff note for the fun. On the outside, the bodywork has been treated with glossy black trim in place of chrome, a larger roof-mounted rear spoiler and colored headlight covers. And while that’s all that welcome and spice up the Bentayga’s look, the biggest change comes once you’ve brought the V8 to life and put it to use within the first few miles.

That’s when you do the work of making the letter S go beyond the algorithmic change to some of the chassis technology that underpins it. The spring and damper ratios have been recalibrated for increased controllability, firmer ride and better body roll management, with the standard air suspension also tweaked to deliver a more comfortable ride. Firmer support without sacrificing comfort. As a result, in either Bentley or Comfort driving modes, the Bentayga S feels more solid, pitch and rolling are eliminated to the point where it now really only reacts when you start pressing on it.

Switch the drive mode to Sport and the S can show its hands more clearly. 15% more chassis tightness and increased steering responsiveness help the big Bentley go down more, without sacrificing driving comfort, with the S meeting expectations that every car Bentley should focus on the occupants of the car. rather than having them shake, stir, and spill champagne on the rear passengers. 

There is also less blur on how the S covers the ground. It feels more connected to the road, less likely to deflect due to defects, the electric anti-roll bars clearly work by isolating the driver from any unnecessary noise below and for a quieter driving experience. The letter S is also better for him. Tighter body control and a more natural response to inputs make it less bulky and less flat than others of its kind.

Sport mode also brings a new tuning state to the ESC, loosening grip and allowing the torque vector to do its job before the safety system intervenes. In practice, you’ll have to have considerable freedom to gain this advantage at high speeds, but in slow, tight corners, the Bentayga S is more agile and willing to change direction much quicker than the V8 model. the standard it runs on.

It would take a while to suggest that tweaking the chassis through software tuning turns this luxury SUV into a true performance car, but it highlights the amount of bandwidth that Bentley’s engineers have must operate and what is possible when they are allowed to develop the software that controls the hardware. Which also makes you wonder: why not provide this configuration as standard? That doesn’t take away from Bentley’s pursuit of luxury while driving, but it adds much more.

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