Should You Be Shutting Down Your Computer Every Night?

A good percentage of people out there, tend to leave their computers and laptops as it is when they are done using them. You either turn off your monitor’s screen or put your laptop’s screen down. 

In other words, you prefer putting your computer or laptop in sleep mode rather than having it powered off at the end of the day. The question here is, should you be shutting down your computer every night, or is it alright to simply put it on sleep mode?

That is exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article. By the end of the article, you should know the difference between sleep mode vs. shutdown. Moreover, we’ll finally address your concern, as to which is the better option.

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The Difference Between Sleep Mode and Shutdown

Let’s take a look at how different both Sleep mode and Shutdown are from one another.

Sleep Mode

If you were to look at your computer or laptop “turn off” options, you should see three options – sleep, shut down, and restart. You will also see a “Sign Out” option, but that does not concern this topic.

So, what exactly is sleep mode? Well, imagine it as something similar to your computer resting its eyes. It will ensure that all files and programs keep running their course while you’re away for a while.

Once you are back, the computer awakens and is ready to be used as per normal. Sleep mode tends to put the computer’s system into a mode that generates lesser power, although the apps and data in it are still in its system’s memory.

The advantage of sleep mode is that it makes everything come back much faster when you use your computer again. However, it also increases your chances of losing data if the system unexpectedly loses power.

In fact, some computers also have a hibernation mode. This only occurs when you haven’t used the computer or laptop for a couple of hours. So, instead of the computer going into sleep mode, it hibernates.

Shut Down

There is not much to explain about shutdown other than the fact that it closes all the files and programs that were opened. That said, it still doesn’t shut off your Windows kernel. This is the heart of the operating system that allows the hardware and the software to work alongside each other.

Restarting will also shut down all your files, including the Windows kernel.

Shutting Down Your Computer Every Night

Well, to answer your question, no it is not necessary for you to shut down your computer every night. But, then again, it depends.

Leaving your computer to sleep mode can be advantageous as it lets the device perform any scheduled maintenance task, such as a full backup of your hard drive, virus scan, or even checking for further updates.

Moreover, security software performs background scans when the commute is left in an idle state, and so does the backup software. Leaving your computer to sleep mode for a few nights won’t really make that much of a difference.

However, you may start witnessing some problems with your device’s performance over some time, due to leaving it in sleep mode every night. If that is already the case for you, you can reboot or restart your computer to help clear my temporary issues.

Therefore, if you plan on leaving your computer in sleep mode almost every other night, then you should make it a habit to restart your computer frequently, to refresh its system. That said, you must also consider buying a surge protector to protect your computer as it will always be connected to power then.

If you know you will not be using your computer for a good number of hours, then you should consider shutting it down before heading to bed. This way, your computer will also be referred for the next day.

That is why we said the decision to put your computer in sleep mode or shut it down, depends on your usage of it. If you only use your computer for Netflix, then you should shut it down. This way your Wi-Fi connection, such as AT&T español will also offer good speeds.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got the answer to the question you and so many others have been asking themselves – should we be shutting down the computer every night? All in all, it ultimately depends on how often you will use your computer, if it’s seldom, then yes, shutting down would be the better option.

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