Who Was Stamen Grigorov? A Brief History

Stamen Grigorov was born on January 18, 1914, in the town of Skravena, Bulgaria. At the age of 18. He enrolled at the University of Plovdiv and graduated in 1936 with a degree in civil engineering. In 1937, Grigorov moved to Canada and became a citizen of that country. Shortly after World War II broke out in 1939. During the war, he was able to land an engineering job with the government thanks to his foreign citizenship status; this allowed him to contribute to the war effort even though he wasn’t yet an American citizen.

The Life of Stamen Grigorov

On February 28, 1870 in Rakita. A small village near Kotel, Bulgaria Stamen Grigorov was born to father Krasimir and mother Milka. He went to school in nearby villages and finished his studies at a higher elementary school in Kotel. By 1882, he had moved to Plovdiv where he became an apprentice tailor. He eventually opened his own tailoring shop and sold it 10 years later for 1,000 golden liras. Afterward, he became involved with Bulgarian socialist groups and published a monthly newspaper called The Truth which was aimed against members of parliament in Bulgaria who were conservative nationalists.

The Design Philosophy of Stamen Grigorov

The late and great Stamen GRIGOROV is known for a number of things. He was a critically acclaimed cartoonist whose work appeared in Punch, New Yorker, and other illustrious publications. He created one of his most famous characters. Auntie Poldi, an elderly midwife who featured in a number of graphic novels. That were later turned into motion pictures and sitcoms. And he did all of it at Eesti Raamat—Estonia’s largest publisher. Where he served as art director from 1952 to 1972. So how did his unique design style come about?

The Studio Atelier Grigorov

As a young man, Stamen Grigorov (1925-1998) enrolled in art school and learned about classical illustration and graphic design. After two years, he began working for State Theater in Bourgas. Upon finishing his mandatory military service, he returned to work at State Theater. He continued his career as an illustrator until 1959 when he became a freelance designer in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also started working as an Art Director for Dobri Voynikov’s Sofia Design Bureau under his supervision; but ultimately formed his own studio named The Studio Atelier Grigorov. Mr. Voynikov remained one of Mr.

Why is he famous today?

Today, Mr. Grigorov is famous for his invention of viticulture in Bulgaria. Prior to its establishment.

Bulgaria was notorious for being one of Europe’s largest exporters of plums. Making little to no profit off their vast orchards. When Mr. Grigorov invented a way to turn these plums into wine in 1858. (at a time when grape vines had been largely out of style). He made an international splash and shifted Bulgarian culture forever. Since then, Bulgarian wines have become renowned around Europe for their pleasant taste and high quality; enough so that over half of Europe’s alcohol exports are now based on wine produced in Bulgaria—and all due to Stamen Grigorov’s many inventions.

Where can I find his work?

The Works of Stamen GRIGOROV are best viewed in his website. It is freely available to any viewer, yet protected from plagiarism. The artist stated: I do not own my images, anyone can view and use them. The artist does not charge for his work and even withstanding criticism. He does not require payment to use or reproduce his work.

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