Things to know about the best mosquito killer in india

A mosquito killer is a device that is designs to kill mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be killed by electricity, the natural sunlight, or heat. Most mosquito killers are simply devices with a light bulb called a zapper and they work by attracting mosquitoes and other insects to the bright light and then killing them as they pass through the ultraviolet spectrum of the bulb. Sometimes there’s also an added insecticide in the mix that kills any bugs on contact as well. Mosquito killers can come in a number of shapes, sizes, and materials.

That is how the best mosquito killer in india can be used. However there are two main types of mosquito killers available. The first type are ‘dusk to dawn’ mosquitoes killers as the name suggests it works in the evening and at dawn hours killing mosquitoes that attempt to bite you at these hours. It’s made up of UV light bulbs which are longer lasting than regular bulbs. There’s also an option to have a separate mercury lamp which is used for the same purpose as well.

How does it work? 

It attracts mosquitoes and other insects by using UV light which attracts them. As they approach the light they get zapped and die due to it being so close to the source of that light. The second type are ‘constant operation’ types of mosquito killers. These work in a similar way but instead of a zap once they get close to the protection area, it will keep going until you turn it off or out of order. They are also made up of long lasting UV lamps which are more cost effective than regular bulbs as you don’t need to change them regularly.

The best mosquito killer in india also comes with a backup battery which will last for some hours of operation. They are more convenient as you don’t need to turn them on for them to kill mosquitoes. Because they operate at a constant rhythm, they usually need to plug in. They are also more effective than regular bulbs as these one designs for the purpose. Because of its focus on the UV rays of the bulb which is the main reason why mosquitoes cannot take off from this light.

Advantages of the best mosquito killer in india:

Safe to use: 

Even though mosquitoes are dangerous and spread several types of diseases, they can still be fun to watch flying around. But at the same time it is not safe for them to get near you as they may bring along harmful viruses that can cause you illness. It is best to use mosquito killers so that they cannot come near you in the first place and cause you any harm.

Easy to use:

These devices are quite easy to use and very convenient especially when compared to other options available. You don’t have to constantly apply a cream or spray which needs regular reapplications. Even fumigate your home with harmful chemicals which might cause other health problems.


Mosquito killers are more cost-effective than other forms of mosquito control as you don’t need to purchase the bulbs and chemicals separately. This makes the mosquitoes die quicker instead of just receiving a small dose of poison which is less effective.

Final Verdict: 

At the end of the day, it is important that you use the best mosquito killer in india. Moreover for your home or garden to ensure that you protects from insects and mosquitoes. They are very effective and more cost-effective than other methods of mosquito control.

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