Three 0 Nicotine Disposable Vapes You Need to See (There’s One for Any Lifestyle!)

You probably don’t need us to tell you that nicotine is implicated in a wide range of adverse health risks.

That is to say, it’s not just smoking and smoke that can be harmful to your health, but nicotine as well. It causes hardening of the arteries, can cause heart and lung disease, and is potentially even carcinogenic.

So if you love the vaping experience, it might not be accurate to say that it’s “safe” because it isn’t smoking, especially if your e-liquid still has nicotine in it.

But if you love big flavors and even bigger, bolder clouds, there may be a way out – if you know what to look for.

Check out Cyclone Pods, online at They carry several 0 nicotine disposable vapes – there’s bound to be one in their collection that appeals to you!

Introducing the Gust Disposable

If you live on the go and can’t be hassled with the need to charge refillable vapes or prepare your vape tank with e-liquid, then a disposable vape that comes pre-charged and pre-filled is for you.

Consider the Gust Disposable vape available online at Cyclone Pods.

Not only does the Gust Disposable come pre-filled with your choice of flavor (including zesty and fruity options like Guava, Strawberry, Mint, Banana, Vanilla, Tobacco, and more), but it is long-lasting, easy to use, and perfect for the itinerant among us!

Say goodbye to batteries, pods, tanks, chargers, and leaks. The Gust Disposable comes pre-filled and ready to roll. It’s slim, small, discrete, and perfect for those that love a good throat hit while they’re on the road.

Most importantly – the Gust Disposable is long-lasting, so you can also say goodbye to empty disposable vape pens- because doesn’t that only ever happen at the worst possible time?

The Gust Disposable is rated to last 200 puffs!

The Gust Plus

If you love what the Gust Disposable offers, but you need a longer-lasting 0 nicotine disposable vape, look no further than the Gust Plus.

Like the original Gust Disposable, the Gust Plus is a disposable 0 nicotine vape device that comes pre-charged and pre-filled with your choice of nicotine-free vape juices (with many options available).

However, the Gust Plus is much longer lasting. Whereas you can expect to get about 200 puffs out of an original Gust Disposable, you’ll get about 600 from the Gust Plus.

And, when it’s kicked, just toss it and get a new one. They’re discrete and super-affordable, coming in at only $15 each!

And, Last but not Least, the Gust Super

Finally, we have the Cyclone Pods Gust Super Disposable. This is the 0 nicotine disposable vape for those that need convenience and portability but don’t have time to deal with spills, leaks, e-liquids, or the inconvenience of refilling in general.

Like the Gust Disposable and Gust Plus, the Gust Super is a disposable vape. However, unlike these previous two entries, the Gust Super is rechargeable and has a large internal tank.

The Gust Super looks more like a classic vape mod than it does like a nicotine-free disposable vape pen – but don’t let that fool you. It’s super easy to use and so long-lasting that we all but guarantee that the battery will run dry before the tank.

That’s no issue, though. Simply recharge it to keep going – it’s rated for 5,000 puffs!

And, at $20, when it’s empty, you won’t need to feel bad about tossing it. Just get another!

Not Into a 0 Nicotine Disposable Vape? Try a Rechargeable Pod System Instead

One more thing to note: if you’re interested in vaping without nicotine but disposable devices are not for you, then consider the Cyclone Pods Thunder Device.

This device, which is rechargeable and accepts pre-filled pods, is also available with a variety of different vape juice flavors.

However, you can refill it, recharge it, and best of all, at 1.5ml, the pods are much bigger than a JUUL’s – more than twice as big, in fact!

The Cyclone Pods Difference

We’ve mentioned the variety of flavors in Cyclone Pods’ e-liquids a few times now, but even despite that and the fact that there’s 0mg nicotine in them, there’s something else that makes them even better.

They are made not only without nicotine but without any additional harmful additives. Their vape juice blends contain only PG, VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, respectively) as well as some natural and artificial flavors.

They’re also made here in the United States and available in a wide range of unique flavors, for what it’s worth.

So if you’re thinking about quitting the nicotine addiction but continuing to enjoy vaping with nicotine-free devices, Cyclone Pods has the clear answer – several of them, in fact.

Visit their website via the link at the top of this article for more details!

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