Top 3 Instagram Trends to Grow Your Business

However, Instagram phased it out and launched a clickable links feature via Instagram stories. All you need to do is tap the stickers icon when posting a story and then click on the link icon. This feature also notifies their followers about the live session, which means you will get more views.

For example, you can add a link to your live chat in the bio section or create an FAQ Instagram Story Highlight album. Simply put, customers should feel that you will take care of them. One of the more recent options is the “Add yours” feature, where you create a prompt and your followers can add their own photo to the prompt by sharing it on their own stories. As we move into 2022, we’re likely to see more users taking advantage of this new capability. To add an external link your story, just tap on the “add sticker” icon in create mode and select the “link” sticker. You’ll be prompted to pop in the URL and have the option to customize the sticker text, too, if you’re so inclined.

Instagram was the fourth most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s. The Cuban government blocked access to several social media platforms, including Instagram, to curb the spread of information during the 2021 Cuban protests. The incidents have led to a #FreetheNipple campaign, aimed at challenging Instagram’s removal of photos displaying women’s nipples. Read more about buy real instagram followers here. In October 2016, Instagram Stories reached 100 million active users, two months after launch.

Just create a Story, tap on the music sticker, and search for a song. With thelatest update, you can play around with your friends’ photos, make a mix of them and send them back in the conversation. Instagram just made shopping available in every format on their app — the Feed, Stories, IGTV, and Live. It gives you access to new tools to help you run and build your business more efficiently, check monetization status and eligibility.

There’s great news, though, because “link in bio” isn’t the only way to add links to content now. We all know that people with 10,000 followers can have the swipe-up feature on their Stories, right? Well, now there’s a link sticker feature available in Stories for anyone. So, you can talk about a certain product, webpage or blog and then link directly to it in your Stories with this sticker.

With Instagram, the average post will cost you between $100-$2,085. Of course, it all depends on who you hire, but advertising comes in many forms and sometimes using an influencer is the best route. Canadians love Instagram, which is the fastest growing social media platform in Canada. If you’re keen to swat up on your social media knowledge, be sure to check out some of our other statistics posts. I’d personally recommend our articles on Twitter stats, Facebook stats, and LinkedIn stats.

When you think about it, being an influencer these days is kind of a business. So sharing other people’s feedback, opinion, recommendation, and why not even critics, is definitely content that raises the interest of your followers. Maybe even content that will provoke more responses from your fan base.

Now it is even possible for comments to be pinned, allowing the streamer to have a more focused conversation. When their audience demands information, they should be ready to provide it. Social media gives you the perfect platform to provide more transparency to your audience. As you can see below, consumers view video as the most transparent, and Instagram gives you many video options.

Instagram is getting very serious about helping every user create Reels. And now, more than ever, keeping up with what’s new on Instagram can be quite a challenge. In your Reel, use this sound and shoot your open laptop that has the title of your video on it written in white on a black background, then cut a montage of videos with glitchy transitions.

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