Top 4 uses of the best amazon sales tracker app 

Are you a top-listed seller on Amazon and want to grow your sales more? Well, nowadays, you can get insights about sale forecasts easily through the use of some tracker apps. You can use the best amazon sales tracker app to get all insights about sales to boost your revenue. 

Having a tracker app on your smartphone allows you to find new items, which are high in demand. Hence, you can target your estimated sales through the insights of your tracker app. You can sell those items, which are in trend and highly profitable in the current situation. 

With the inclusion of Amazon metrics, you can now find many features in the Amazon tracker app. In simple words, you can match the images or use text searches, which are popular in recent times. Hence, you can use those texts in your product description to increase visibility. 

You can project your products in such a manner that can increase product visibility. The tracker app will send details metrics to the user along with some strategies. This year, estimates suggest that e-commerce business will grow by 15 per cent. Hence, you can estimate the profit margin of your sales using this efficient tracker with the current data and tools. 

Added to this, you can change your price details as per the market dynamics using this tracker. This tracker will analyze the price details of your closest competitor and tell you a competitive price. You can update the price as per the changes in sales and market dynamics accordingly. 

Besides this, you can explore more amazing features if you get the amazon tracker app installed on your device. Some of the best features of this tracker are explained here; 

#1: analysis of sales

When you install a seller app on your device to activate the tracker then you can also explore the details of your sales. Moreover, the tracker can show your sales performance in advance in form of a forecast. For that, you need to put all records of your previous sales. 

  • You can review the previous sales reports to find the lacking areas where you need to focus more. You can find gaps in your sales strategy with this thorough analysis of sales reports. 
  • Most interestingly, you can compare your sales reports with your competitors’ sales reports using the tracker. The information loaded in the tracker is transparent hence you can use it for this comparison. 
  • You can also prefer comparing each product rather than the entire sales report. You can easily get the idea about which product is causing more damage and which is creating positive impacts. 
  • All sellers on the platform check this tracker to assess their product details in form of individual reports. This enables them to the details of their sales growth overall. 

#2: fulfillment of orders 

In an e-commerce business, selling products is a secondary thing but providing the product at the customers’ house is the prime element. You need to provide the products to the customers through a fast delivery mechanism. Therefore, your customers will send your business more stars. 

  • You can easily check your product’s delivery using the tracker. You can see each of the product information and their delivery status on the dashboard itself. 
  • Besides tracking the delivery, you can also check the payment details on the same dashboard. Hence, you can track your sold products along with the sales revenue. 
  • Interestingly, some of the customers can also make returns of your products hence you will have to clear their refund with that. This tracker will include the details of those customers along with the refund amount efficiently. 
  • This tracker is also handling the queries of the customers. The use of the tracker is very simple and detailed. You can write posts and answer your queries using the same platform. 

#3: manage accounts and provide support 

In a business, many hurdles can come in the way in form of sales returns, refunds, loss of items, and others. Hence, you have to tackle all these factors in your e-commerce business also. However, with the use of the sale tracker, you can easily manage all these factors. 

  • You can maintain all the rates includes in the e-commerce business. For instance, you can easily calculate the shipment changes, late delivery charges, refunds, cancellation charges, and many more. You can get the current hike of 14% in the industry with the efficient use of this tracker. 

#4: managing campaigns and inventory 

You need to use the e-commerce platform as per the rules of the platforms. This includes deals and sales, which are offered to promote sales. You can easily track your inventory to initiate the deal where you will offer prices, which are less than the market price.  

Finally, you will get a dashboard after installing the tracker app on your smartphone or computer. You can check all factors of your sales using the same dashboard. The use of this tracker is simple and quite detailed, which you can use to maximize your profit.

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