Top 7 Biggest State Capitals in the USA

Planning a trip to a big city, but still thinking, which one would be the best option for a vacation? A noisy and lively metropolis is a perfect setting for adventure, and only the atmosphere on the streets will drown you in a separate little life during the getaway. 

This article will assist you in defining goals and choosing the capital you would love to visit for a new experience. Fantastic locations, sightseeing, something really original that is impossible to find somewhere else – let’s get ready with us. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Lonely Planet noted Atlanta as the global leader among other American cities for travel in 2022. In fact, there are numerous things that the South Capital is famous for. According to FilmL.A, it may be considered a second Hollywood because it is the top location for filming movies and television shows, including the venerable TV series ATLANTA. And by the way, something is always shooting here, including the legendary TV series ATLANTA. Book your trip close to movie festival dates to explore at least three events. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Silence in Nashville doesn’t even exist. Music City meets visitors with permanent energy that soaked concert halls, bars, and clubs. However, natural beauty is not far behind. In Two Rivers Parks, you could get a break and adore the gorgeous landscapes while boating or riding a bike after a party on Broadway. If you have more time, skipping the scenic areas several dozen miles away would be a mistake, like Rock Island State Park or the Historic Diamond Caverns would be a mistake. Take advantage of 12 passenger van rental for easy group trips. Do prices seem to be costly? Check how to save on van rental.

Denver, Colorado

Denver weekend will also be fruitful because it offers plenty of outdoors and city attractions equally. The largest city definitely requires a car for comfortable transportation, especially during chilly winters. 12-passenger van rentals in Denver help to save punctuality and comfort for passengers and luggage, both with picking up in convenient places. For other trips, Colorado car rental provides all facilities for carefree rides around parks or a number of bags – boundless shopping and no baggage fee. 

Top 3 impressive places worth attention:

  • Denver Botanic Gardens;
  • Downtown Aquarium;
  • Clyfford Still Museum.

Van rental in Denver  can make it easier to explore more fascinating places quickly.

Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, the sun shines year-round and gives warmth to anyone in luxurious resorts and recreational areas. Sonoran desert surprises with iconic cactuses and mystery wildflowers. The best time to visit it is in the fall and winter months to heat up. Mountains that encircled the city’s expanses, visible even in a heart. Go to the rooftop bar for the best views and fantastic photos for Insta stories. 

In addition, this city has a thriving artisan beer and cocktail scene. If the alcohol drinks you’ve tried were only beer and wine, there’s a great chance to sample the higher spirit ones. 

Columbus, Ohio

A bright mark of Germanic culture was left in the 1800s when the German settlers built a village that became a popular neighborhood with a genuinely Bavarian vibe. Strolling the Brewery district, take note of the architecture and endless live entertainment in local establishments. Visit the coffee shops and shopping options, and it may take at least one evening for a walk through the historical city center sector. 

For a more cultural experience, The Actor’s Theater of Columbus allows observing performances open air at Schiller Park with Sheakspire’s and other dramas. The first play was successfully staged in 1982 with A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston’s innovations touched all the facets: cultural, educational, transportation, and local life. There’s perfect biking and walking accessibility. That city is actually created for meeting new people and personal discoveries. Of course, it would be a mistake, not to mention the famous Boston bakery beans you should try during the trip. They gave a second name to the city – Beantown. The freedom trail is the first place to learn the rich history and background throughout the day. 

Indiana, Indianapolis

Awesome family-friendly destination – the largest children’s museum will keep your kids busy for hours with interactive exhibits. With older ones, you may visit many war museums and unwind in White River State Park, one of the most beautiful places in the US. Picnic areas and hikes through Canal Walk are waiting. Visitors are welcome to engage with animals at the nearby zoo using touch screens, and they may also see dolphins swim just beneath their heads as they pass the Dolphin Pavilion dome.

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