Top Student Athletes on TikTok

And content creator who first gained fame on Vine with over 16 million followers, being the most-followed person on the app. KingBach is currently running a YouTube channel named BachelorsPadTV. Kris Collins is a former hairdresser and now one of the fast-rising TikTok influencers.

He is a comedian and lip syncer who creates funny videos that reach 26.8 million viewers. Also, ask your friends and family if they have any ideas for a good username. The video clips on TikTok run from 3 to 15 seconds, and looped videos run from 3 to 6 seconds. The most popular videos deal with simple but catchy dance moves, lip-syncing, or are sports-related.

Listen to your audience, read their comments, and gauge what they are asking for and interested in. It is your task to manage your public relations and to engage with your followers. You can even use hashtags used to celebrate special occasions, holidays, and upcoming events. Using hashtags that are specific to events is a sure way to get more reach. Some of the best viral TikTok challenges include Lil Nas X’s hit single “Old Town Road” Challenge, “Beautiful People” Challenge by Ed Sheeran, “Renegade” Challenge, and the Celeb Look-Alike Challenge.

His life, like many of ours, changed in 2020 because of the pandemic. Mills went from being an unknown basketball player, whose career was in jeopardy to a social media star with an opportunity he had been dreaming of his whole life. He somehow converged COVID-19, TikTok and the NBA together in his life, all for the good. She said she spends an hour or two a day recording videos for social media, shooting and editing almost all of them herself. She said organizing her business at first was stressful, and it still can be.

This allows Zubair’s audience to learn more about the other influencer, while the other influencer’s audience learns more about her. Like other influencers on this list, Croes also participates in challenges and responds to TikTok trends in his videos. For example, he recently posted another Halloween-themed video where he and his brother suddenly turned into ghouls while dancing to the song, “Absolutely Anything” by CGS.

You can post that tickets are on sale a million times but no one cares if they don’t feel connected to the team. As with anything, the long term connection to our fans is way more important than the short term gain of a ticket pitch. That post was really important because not only did it give us an initial push of followers, but it set the tone for our content from that point forward. We were able to show our athletes in other sports how successful it was and it encouraged them to help us create.

And because she’s a true MVP, she posts all the recipes on her Instagram page. Nile Red is a TikToker and YouTuber who will make you fall in love with science. In his videos, he shows chemical reactions, materials with cool scientific properties, and, as a treat, a small explosion here and there. We are committed to fighting the spread of misinformation online so if you feel an article on our platform goes against our community guidelines or contains false information, we do encourage you to report it.

Kroger was among the first companies to test out the TikTok “Hashtag Challenge Plus” feature. This allowed TikTok users to shop directly on the app for Kroger products tagged with the campaign hashtag. Read more about here. This not only encouraged user participation and brand visibility but also enhanced user experience by providing a smooth shopping functionality. Then give your campaign a name and set a campaign-level minimum budget.

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