Traveling The North Side of Europe


The North Side of Europe is a good place to visit. It’s beautiful, it has a lot of culture, and there are some great cities to visit. The following list describes some of the most important places on the North Side:


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It’s a very nice city, and it’s easy to get around on foot or by bike. If you’re planning on going there and want best mother daughter trip some tips for your trip, here are some things I would recommend:

  • Get out of Stockholm as quickly as possible! There’s so much history here that you’ll want to explore every little corner of this city before moving onto something else. Don’t forget about exploring churches and cathedrals either!
  • Visit Vasa Museum (Swedish Royal Navy Ship) where you can learn more about the Swedish navy during its heyday between 1626-1648 AD; when it sank during battle with Poland after being hit by cannon fire from both sides; thus ending its career as flagship for King Gustav II Adolphus’ fleet against Russia near Narva Bay in Estonia after being attacked by Russians in Gotland Island off mainland Sweden during 1708 AD where they lost another ship called “Goddess” along with other smaller vessels which ended up sinking into shallow waters surrounding Baltic Sea due north from Finland’s Karelian Isthmus region south toward St Petersburg Russia where they were located at approximately latitude 53°N longitude 150°E along edge closest landmass known today there called Svalbard archipelago located halfway between Norwegian Sea north Atlantic & Arctic Ocean south Pacific Ocean


Oslo is the capital of Norway, and it’s a very nice city to visit. It’s surrounded by mountains and forests, so there are lots of green areas where you can walk or bike around. The city also has many museums, theaters and parks for people who want to spend their time outdoors.

Oslo is known for its shopping district family travel blogger called Frogner Park. Which has many stores selling clothing for men. And women alike as well as accessories such as jewelry sets if you want something different than just jeans or t-shirts! You can also find restaurants here serving delicious food from all over Europe (including Italian cuisine). Along with some local dishes too like reindeer stew made with fresh game meat cooked over. An open fire outdoors near one restaurant kitchen window while listening intently through headphones. While watching soccer games being played in another room across town…

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