What Are the Ways to Fix the AOL IMAP Server Issues When It’s Not Working?

Are you among the ones who are facing IMAP AOL not working issues?  Millions of users from around the world have experienced the same. 

AOL mail is the best place for day-to-day communication as it is designed with a wide range of compelling features like unlimited email storage, wide compatibility, spell check, and virus protection inbuilt with AOL mail and the best part is the compatibility with the IMAP server.

Before proceeding, do we need to understand the term “IMAP.AOL.com not working”?

Why is IMAP.AOL.com not Working?

AOL mail is best compatible with the IMAP server rather than any counterpart server. By enabling IMAP server settings you can access  AOL mail from anywhere and with any device. 

When you are trying to open your AOL mail the message appears “imap.aol.com not working” which means email data is unable to load in your mail and again if you are refreshing your inbox a pop-up appears with AOL IMAP server error. 

Why is this IMAP AOL not working?

We should know to fix the issue.

Causes of this IMAP AOL not Working Issue

Before moving to fix the issue we need to know about the possible cause of this IMAP AOL not working issue. Many reasons may cause the issue. Let’s check it out

  1. Poor or slow internet connection may be the first cause of IMAP AOL not working.
  2. Maybe you are using an obsolete web browser or outdated operating system which may be the cause of this issue.
  3. You have not configured the AOL webmail account settings.
  4. The antivirus installed on your system may obstruct the functioning of the IMAP AOL server.

How to fix IMAP AOL Not Working Issue?

Without any further ado, we need to look for the proper solution to this IMAP AOL not working issue.

  1. Update or reconfigure your AOL mail account settings.
  2. Check your AOL mail login details whether you have given the correct user ID and password.
  3. Disable the antivirus or any other security programs that you have installed on your device as it may hinder the functioning of the AOL IMAP server.
  4. Check the server settings and configure the IMAP server for AOL mail. 
  5. The last you can do is to delete the AOL account and reinstall it again.

That’s all, we have given you the best solution to this AOL mail not working issue with the possible reason behind it.

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