What is Kindle Vella and How does it Work?

The prospect of literature suddenly being readable by machines intrigues people. In particular, anytime we hear digital copies, Amazon’s Kindle and KDP platforms strike a bell (books). But first, let’s explore the brief history of ebooks and how it has gradually transformed books. And shortly after that, we’ll discuss Amazon’s reading trendsetter Vella, which is creating ripples in the eBook industry.

Websites, for example, were the first internet platforms to commence the process. Downloadable MS.doc and pdf books were a boon for bookworms with an internet connection. Just before the start of the millennium, in 1997, E Ink Corporation collaborated with Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. The company invented the white paper screen technology while the two guys were the eBook pioneers. Indeed, Martin and Marc happened to become the perfect M&Ms for avid readers. This shows us how much has changed in the past two decades.

Amazon, thankfully, is expanding its legacy; Bezos’ platform began small by selling books. Finally, Amazon’s entry into the eCommerce market with a “humble Godly” book ideology paved the way for it to thrive. The date ‘November 2007’ went on to become the Golden Era of bibliophiles. It was when Amazon launched their back-to-back writing and reading trailblazers: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and Amazon’s eBook reader, Kindle.

Since 2007, digital books have been going strong – and stronger than ever. Thanks to multiple Amazon KDP inspirations leveraging the web zone for ambitious writers and avid readers. Given the success, fortunes, and potential of eBook readers and their pertinent platforms, Amazon had no choice but to launch ‘Vella.’ – An eBook subsidiary becoming the buzzword on the KDP platform and among ebook readers. It was launched in April 2021 with inspiring roots from Netflix’s “web series” concept.

Kindle Vella: What is it?

Amazon’s lighthearted eBook version ‘Vella’ looks strikingly similar to the Netflix web series chained with tempting impending episodes. Surprisingly, the KDP eBook chapter-wise format is in concord with Wattpad and Radish. The latter platforms are famous for their short stories and episodic installments for full-fledged novels. Vella is available for the big three platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android. So, there’s no reason to try it if you live a well-off life with a bulky wallet.

Unquestionably, this KDP’s junior version is a boon for authors looking to make decent money for their larger-than-life plots. Besides, the all-in practice of buying an entire book doesn’t work well for deserving book authors. But on Vella, you reveal your chapters to intrigue readers. If it’s good enough, then be ready to enjoy cash on a roller coaster ride of reviews, admiration, fame, and contacts from notable publishers.

You can also purchase our exclusive Amazon Kindle Vella services if you seem lost in the entire process. The 360GW’s in-house mentors will assist you in writing for Vella and earn big from books. How’s this for a great “knowledgeably profitable” cause?!

Each book episode on Vella averages about 500 to 6,000 words. The best part is the free access to the first three chapters free of charge. Hence, readers can go through different book openings and ‘fave’ them if they find them fascinating. A book with more faves (favorite) will likely gain more readers and its author more profits. After that, readers have to buy or win tokens to unlock the subsequent chapters of their favorite author’s work. Users can also interact with books. They can give a thumbs up for a good read or endorse it with a fave symbol if they find the book episodes fascinating.

Is Kindle Vella a good fit for you?

It’s useless to contemplate and dribble your thoughts about the Vella payment policies. It might recuperate over time with all its strength and go all-out against Kindle Unlimited one day. However, Vella offers an excellent opportunity to emerging authors looking to sway old and good readers with their transitory opening book plots.

Introducing fresh populations and genres

Episode-based platforms like Wattpad, Penana, Radish, Sweek, Inkitt, and Booksie, among a few others, have gained readers’ reputations. And why not so? These platforms offer accessibility to countless short stories, novels, genres, and authors. Mainly including books and stories inspired by children and teenagers, they have succeeded in swaying young writers and readers.

Vella works on the same formula: takes on the younger market share, offering short fiction stories, thrillers, fantasy, YA novels, and such. Wattpad, Kindle, and other relevant eBook platforms don’t require readers. Besides, youngsters love to use their smartphones as their reading devices amid habitual app-to-app swapping.

Therefore, the first thing you have to see is your book genre and does it work for your intended target audience. We recommend you install Radish or Wattpadd; do your research before you start placing your original plots on Vella and elsewhere.

Episode-based writing

Besides taking on the genre selection and demographics, see if the episodic book model works for you or not. Radish and Wattpad, on the other hand, release weekly chapters for their target audience. Thus, a continuous commitment to release book chapters weekly is crucial if you want to expand your target audience globally.

Amazon Kindle Vella accessibility

Sadly, Amazon’s prized ebook platform is only available for US writers and readers at the moment. All we can hope is that it becomes an international book deed for all of us very soon. Amazon should configure its global version sooner or later if they want to win admiration and awards globally.

We all know that it’s only a matter of time before Amazon will release Vella to the international eBook marketplace. Nonetheless, you can use the Vella website, Amazon’s Fire tablets, and even Android devices to access Vella. But no one knows if the Vella accessibility is short-lived or permanent. Fingers crossed!


Vella is a great alternative for people who wish to know more about the book in advance. And that’s precisely what this spellbinding Amazon’s KDP subsidiary does for them. Having access to the first three chapters is like a dream come true. Eventually, Vella will soon reach a global status and intrigue both voracious and fleeting readers. Let’s hope Amazon innovates it with more exciting features and releases its long-awaited international version.

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