What Is the Best Way to Get More Followers on Instagram?

If you have no idea where to start, you can go through some similar brands and see how they shape their content. Sample some of your favorite Instagram accounts and make some notes. Read more about buy instagram followers cheap here. Posting quality photos will set you apart from other businesses who snap and upload random content.

It’s awin-win— you both get more followers on Instagram. It is an easy way of attracting someone who follows the brands you tag. They will see your post when they check the page they visit, and might get interested. Link to a product webpage specifically written for Instagram users.

‘EdgeRank’ has moved on to greener pastures since then. But Facebook still uses algorithms to increasingly filter out the noisefor its users. They used a number of different criteria, like the type of post (video vs. text) and recency (new vs. old) to determine whosees what. The ‘higher’ your post performed, the more people it would eventually be exposed to. To set up a tagged Instagram feed on your website, head to Instagram Feed » All Feeds from your WordPress dashboard.

Before I started learning more about Instagram, I just used my first and last name. But then, as I learned more about Instagram, I realized I needed something that let others know what I am all about very quickly. I have a website that is all about saving money, but I also go to thrift stores and sell on eBay. When Instagram suggests people for you to follow, you want to be able to figure out what they are all about quickly.

This will prompt them to visit your profile and engage with your posts too. And if you’ve followed the tips from hack #2 above, accounts that are your target audience will start following you. With a global user base of over 1 billion active users, it’s safe to assume that regardless of what product or service you’re marketing you’ll find your audience on Instagram.

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