What is the difference between a spa facial and a medical facial?

Face-massages are usually equated with indulgence: luxurious treatments that give your skin a fresh and energized look. However, what a facial ought to be able to do is provide you with results. Contrary to spa medical facial, it is handled by a doctor who is not just knowledgeable about the skin but is also skilled in advanced skincare and collaborates with your dermatologist to create and create a customized treatment plan specifically designed for you.

Spa facials are usually the same for every customer regardless of their skin type or condition. They are designed to relax and soothe your skin rather than treat your skin. Medical facials involve a thorough analysis of your skin conditions and are designed to help you achieve your goals by providing your skin with more than a simple cleaning of your skin.

The medical facials and procedures employ high-quality medical-grade products developed by dermatologists to provide visible, long-lasting results. If you’re trying to reverse the signs of aging and treat acne scarring or get rid of red and brown spots Medi facial is a cost-effective and efficient solution to achieve your skin-care goals.

Benefits of Medi Facials

1. Beyond the Surface

Medical facials treat the skin from within by going deeper than its surface to completely revive and revitalize the skin’s health. Our treatments protect and cleanse the skin, stimulate collagen stimulation, increase circulation, exfoliate and eliminate contaminants, and address imperfections on the skin, enhancing the appearance of your skin and its overall health. Since medical facials function at the cellular level taking care of your skin’s regeneration and shedding cycles, you’ll see improvement immediately.

2. Customization

The spa facials can’t be customized and estheticians employ the same equipment and products for every customer. Medi facials, however, begin with a skin examination which lets our medical aestheticians and dermatologists assess your skin’s distinct problems and issues and develop an individual treatment plan treating these issues. No matter if you’re trying to combat aging, acne, or Rosacea, our team will develop a custom medical facial treatment plan that addresses the texture, type of skin, and tone in particular. There are no two people with the same skin type, the same reaction and the same objectives therefore we design the best plan for you and achieve your goals whether you’re seeking more gentle or aggressive treatment.

3. Medical Grade Products

Traditional spa facials are known to be laden with perfumes oils and irritants At Rao Dermatology we utilize the most advanced, medical grade products to make personalized facials that are safe high-quality, safe, and effective. Knowing that a dermatologist endorses the products we employ in our medical facials provides peace of mind and assurance that you’re making the right decisions for your skin’s health.

Our Medical Facial Services

At Rao Dermatology We’re committed to providing you with smooth, clean, and soft skin with an integrated approach that improves the overall health of your skin. Our approach is based on prevention treatments, maintenance, and treatment to meet and keep your goals in skin care. medical facials play an essential function in treating, preventing, and maintaining your clean and healthy complexion. We provide the following facial treatments:

Chemical Peels

We only use SkinCeuticals medical-grade skincare products in our chemical peels that exfoliate and increase collagen production. This improves the skin’s appearance by reducing acne scarring, decreasing sun damage, and evening tone, and smoothing skin texture. Our chemical peels are economical and, when used frequently, will keep your skin radiant, glowing, and flawless.


Utilizing a medical-grade tipped wand made of diamonds that are natural, microdermabrasion is a method of polishing your skin, taking out and sucking up dead skin cells while leaving your skin soft, smooth, and firm. Because microdermabrasion is a method of exfoliation, it opens the skin, allowing it to be ideal for deep penetration of serums and products for skin care and reducing the appearance of discoloration, scars, or fine lines.


The procedure is performed using an extremely fine needle to puncture the skin leaving a tiny injury. Although it may seem counterintuitive that these tiny incisions stimulate collagen production and allow your skin for serum injections which plump the skin, reduce lines and reduce discoloration It’s been used for many years to treat facial scars, and has been proven to improve the texture and firmness.

One of the aspects of customizing your treatment involves blending treatments when required. Based on your needs and concerns, you could benefit from a mixture of medical facials, neuromodulators, dermal fillers, as well as platelet-rich plasma. However, whatever your goals or budget, we will work together to develop the most effective treatment plan for your skin.

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