Why Was The Quran Revealed In 23 Years?

The Quran Is the holy book for the Muslims and it was revealed around 1500 years ago. The Book is a blessing for many and in reality it is the guidance for many. This book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him who was unlettered and was not familiar with the holy books from the past. The day, it was revealed to him, he was not sure what it was until it has been told to him (Peace Be Upon him) at that time through his wife Khadija (R.A). 

How much time it Took for the Quran to be revealed

According to the Quranic Scripts available also on Online Quran Academy,it has been around 23 years in total which was the time it took for the Quran to be revealed. It was one of the most important books in the lives of the human being it was revealed To The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in that much time frame because different events needs to be addressed in this book. The events needs to happen and for that it took some time for the Quran to be revealed. The prophet was Unlettered so he was not learned from the first day. It was sometime for him to understand and also some events were not happened so that is why after the event happened in the life of the human being the Quran has mentioned that. Like for example the wife of Mohammad peace be upon him has been abused by the people and for answering that Allah has revealed the versus in the Quran. So that means that until the event happens how Allah can tell the human beings that what is the truth and how the things should be done.

The people were not very knowledgeable

They were lacking knowledge about the Quran and that is why they also need to go inside the stories in the Quran in order to understand the real event happened in the world. There were many events happening in the life of the human beings and Allah wanted that everybody should be able to understand what is mentioned and how they should live their life. So, it was definite that the time it took for the Quran to be revealed is 23 years and after it has been revealed, it was the time it has been the reason that he wanted to save the whole Quran and he used different modes for that.

If the whole Quran has been revealed at the same time then nobody would have been able to understand that what is the story in the Quran about and what are the path the Allah is guiding us. Also the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him would not have been able to understand the stories and would not be able to save that like he was able to secure it in BITS and pieces

Today you can see that around every part of the globe you can see the same Quran even though it has been saved on different things at the day. For example sum of the Quran has been written on the leaf of the trees and some of them have been saved on other modes and many things have been on different places by the still you can’t differentiate between the Quran across the globe and all the words are the same in the whole world in every book of the Quran. You can also get the details about it and the proof of same QURAN in every region of the world through Online Quran Academy. They will also have the things for you and the answers about the question mentioned

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