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The retreat offers relief and solace to restless individuals and their minds amidst lush green environs. You can relax and rejuvenate in the luxurious accommodation and tranquil setting. You’ll feel renewed and revitalized after a trip to this retreat in Lonavala! The getaway Club, a multi-award-winning environmental and retreat near Lonavala, is the ideal place for you to unwind from the bustle and noise of the city. The spacious property is tucked away in the Western Ghats verdant hills and offers a variety of therapeutic activities to make your stay genuinely rejuvenating.

Staying in Mumbai, the “City of Dreams,” and Pune, a nearby city, are the ideal locations for a quick trip. There are times when your obligations at work, harried commutes, and routine routines drain you. Weekend trips to Lonavala are a great chance to escape the city’s bustle and experience the tranquil Western Ghats. Lonavala is a short commute from both Mumbai and Pune thanks to its advantageous location. People find it simpler to organize and carry out a weekend vacation to Lonavala. Since there are so many opulent resorts, tourist attractions, and adventure activities there.

So call your loved ones and plan the perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai or Pune to Lonavala! A trip to Lonavala’s renowned waterfalls is an essential activity for weekend trips here. Two of the most well-known waterfalls in Lonavala that are worth visiting are Kune Falls and Madap Falls; the former has a height of 200 m, while the latter is 120 m. For those seeking adventure, the journey to these waterfalls through rocky slopes, rice fields, forests, and rivulets is itself an amazing experience. Ekostay offers the best villas in Lonavala

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Lonavala is Lohagad, or Iron Fort, if you’re ready for some adventure. The panoramic views from the fort will make the 11-kilometer trek worthwhile, even though it may be a little exhausting. The fort, which is best seen in one day, has a long history. And was utilize by all the Maratha rulers that ruled the Maratha state. Lonavala and Khandala, which are closest to Mumbai and Pune but a universe away from their hustle and bustle, are the ideal escape destinations for weary city folk. The cities are a runaway choice with families because they are fill with breathtaking landscapes, vistas, and waterfalls.

Additionally, with their cutting-edge gear, filmmakers from the Indian film business frequently travel here. There are weekends when nothing other than lounging about in the pool and resting in a hammock can recharge you for the week. You do not need to travel very far to get that. Explore these villas, which are just a few hours’ drive from Mumbai. The picturesque hill town of Lonavala is close to Mumbai and Pune. It is also renowned as the Sahyadri’s Jewel. It is the most refreshing escape from the nearby metropolitan jungles due to the pleasant temperatures. Breathtaking vistas of the Western Ghats, and lush greenery. The resorts and hotels in Lonavala are well equip with modern facilities, comfort, and adventurous activities. They emphasize a great deal on offering a completely rejuvenating vacation.

Blanco Villa in Lonavala- 

For the citizens of Mumbai, the Ekostay Blanco Villa in Lonavala is the ideal getaway. Because it seems to have come right out of an architectural magazine. This three-bedroom property in Lonavala does have a lot of open space, modern décor. And a lush green environment surrounding it. Blanco Villa is an ideal private villa in Lonavala

Carlos Villa in Lonavala

Owing to its wonderful atmosphere during the monsoon season. Lonavala is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Mumbai during the monsoon season. Lonavala is at its most scenic, with cloud-kiss cliffs and gushing waterfalls, while Mumbai is being overrun by the rains. Come and enjoy Lonavala’s picturesque atmosphere in our 4BHK Ekostay Carlos villa. In the chilly climate of Lonavala, you and your loved ones can unwind on the spacious lawn and enjoy a warm cup of chai. It also has a private pool. 

The final stop in Maharashtra’s Thane district is the charming, tiny town of Karjat. Karjat, where the river Ulhas rises, is a well-liked destination for trekkers. And adventure seekers due to its hiking possibilities and historical attractions. Karjat is a picturesque town that is located in a mountainous area. It is a city and a subdistrict in the Raigad district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Includes the Bhor Ghat, the Western Ghats, and the majestic Sahyadri peaks. It is nestle in the Konkan area beside the Ulhas River. Karjat is a magnificent area full of lush greenery, rocky terrain, and numerous waterfalls that are at their most beautiful during the rainy season. 

Many treks in the Sahyadris have their beginnings at Karjat, including the Rajmachi trip. You can reach Kondivde or Khandpe villages by rickshaw from Karjat Bridge. Kahndpe village is a 15-minute walk from Kondivde. The Rajmachi trek’s starting point is the hamlet of Khandpe. There is a 7-mile ascent to reach the Rajmachi settlement. One arrives at Kondhane Caves from the town in approximately 45 minutes. The caverns are surround by a spectacular waterfall. And watching the huge waterfall from inside the caves is an experience in and of itself. Rajmachi hamlet, which is adorn by a beautiful lake and a temple, is the starting point for the trek to Manarajan and Srivardhan forts. Ekostay offers private pool villas on rent in karjat.

Paradise Villa in Karjat-

The interiors of this villa exhibit minimalist design, elegant color, and modern furnishings, introducing you to a vacation-like ambiance. It radiates grace, serenity, and good vibes. The home has five bedrooms, a private pool, a stunning view of the mountains, and a lot of greenery. Since it is an Ekostay facility, guests may feel confident in the accommodation’s quality and service level.

Sunshine Villa in Karjat –

The 6BHK Sunshine Villa in Karjat is the essence of a summertime dream! White interiors lighten gloomy winter days and keep you cool during the summer. The doctor will definitely suggest an outside deck with a seating area and a projector for exciting family nights. When you get to Karjat, this magnificent summer villa is waiting for you.

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